Ballerina or not, you’ll want to jump on the rose bun-wagon. Poised as possibly the most elegant hair trend, this updo instantly adds a sort of grandeur to your overall look.

We know that messy buns have had their time in the spotlight for ages, but what about its opposite clean, intentional buns? We can’t help but be mesmerised by this floral hairstyle that’s elegant and dramatic at the same time.

The look of the bun is all in its name. It’s supposed to mimic the shape of a rose and look like it’s blooming on your head. The beauty of this updo is that it’s able to be manipulated into different shapes and sizes based on your hair or how you choose to execute it. After all, no one rose is the same as the other.

The best part? You can wear the rose bun with glamorous, shimmery outfits for an occasion or in a simple casual T-shirt and jeans, and you’ll still look fabulous and like a Beverly Hills housewife.

rose bun hair

Credit: @simonagb/TikTok, Pinterest

What you’ll need to create this elegant rose bun

Here’s a simple checklist for you! If you don’t already own these items, it’s time for a retail therapy session so that you can start elevating your hair looks.

  • Blow dryer
  • Heat protectant
  • Mousse
  • Bobby pins
  • Clear or black elastic hair ties
  • Hairspray

How to create a rose bun

Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 20 to 30 minutes for this hairstyle.

Before you read on, we warn you, the steps might seem daunting but like with everything, practice makes perfect. After a few tries, the motions will be recorded to muscle memory and you’ll be able to flaunt this graceful look in no time!

Prep your hair with the styling products

rose bun hair style

Credit: @sara.xts/TikTok

Always use heat protectants before styling your hair — as much as we love classy hairstyles that make us feel like a million bucks, we also love having non-damaged, healthy hair.

Start by applying heat protectant from the roots to the ends of your hair to prime and protect it. Then scoop a large dollop of mousse and apply it around the perimeter of your hairline. This will ensure maximum hold and control so your rose bun will stay pristine all day.

Use a brush to comb through your hair to make sure both products are evenly distributed.

Smoothen or section out your hair

rose bun hair style

Credit: @sara.xts/TikTok, @daisyherriott/TikTok

You’d think that with a rose bun, all the party is in the back, but the front and your hairline also matter for the whole look.

If you want a clean, sleek look, slick your hair back completely. You can also choose to retain your natural parting by combing it back whichever way you like.

For an added flair or some volume at the front, section out the front parts of your hair and keep it away from the rest of your hair (we’ll get back to this later on).

Bonus tip: Take out small strands of hair at the front, much like baby hairs, to frame your face and for a more wispy, fairy-like look.

Add volume to your hair

giving your hair a blowout, rose bun

Credit: Pinterst

Here’s where your hair dryer comes into play. Professional hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who has done gorgeous rose bun hairstyles for models on runways, recommends a fresh blowout to achieve a super sleek finish. Do this by drying your hair and directing the heat away from the hairline.

You can also tease your hair by backcombing the parts near your roots for added volume but remember to smoothen out the top so the end result won’t look messy.

Tie your hair up into a pony

rose bun tutorial

Credit: @simonagb/TikTok

If you’ve opted for all of your hair to be slicked back, grab all of it and pull it into a tight ponytail with an elastic hair tie. You can use the top of your ears as a guide for where the ponytail should be placed.

And if you have parts of your hair sectioned out, leave those untouched when you tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

Build your rose bun


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Split your ponytail into two equal parts and use a hair tie or clip to keep it out of the way while you work on building your rose bun.

Take one part of the ponytail and separate it further into two before you place one above the other and repeat till the ends (much like braiding). Don’t twist it too tightly and make sure that portion of your ponytail stays loose and volumised. Secure it with an elastic hair tie before you move on to do the same steps for the other part of your ponytail.

When you’re done, loosely twist the separated ponytails into one. This will help with the layers of your rose bun later on. Next, like how you would with a normal bun, wrap the ponytail around the base from right to left completely.

While wrapping, use bobby pins to keep your hair in place. It should look something like a cinnamon bun. You can use more bobby pins to secure any loose strands too.

If you prefer a tighter finish, you can twist your ponytail while you wrap it into a bun.

Style the front and set your rose bun

different rose bun hairstyles

Credit: Pinterest, @stxph.h/TikTok

If you chose to section out your hair earlier on, here’s where you can get creative. There are many ways to go about styling the front of your hair.

You can gel it and form an ‘S’ shape that leads towards your bun before you secure it with a bobby pin. You can push it to one side of your face and secure it behind your ear for a Y2K vibe.

For more volume, you can part the front parts of your hair into two and style it with a curling iron. Or you can straighten it and leave them loose like feelers to frame your face.

After you’re done, complete your rose bun look by giving your hair a generous gust of hairspray!

Elevating your rose bun

Go wild with your imagination and creativity till you find your favourite way of wearing the rose bun. Add floral hair pins or butterfly pins to your rose bun to make your hairstyle more ethereal.


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And for a more casual look, create your rose bun with only the top parts of your hair and leave the rest of your hair down like a half updo.

For a more eye-catching look, take it to new heights by placing your ponytail base at the crown of your head.

Feature image credit: @simonagb/TikTok, @stxph.h/TikTok