We’re all swooning over Rom&nd, and guess what? The brand just introduced a new addition to the family alongside &nd — meet Nuse!

Nuse brings us cosmetics that not only amp up your natural beauty, but also give your skin a little extra love — some might even call it makeup with a skincare twist!

For those eager to delve into this lineup and discover where to acquire these products, continue reading, as we have all the details for you!

About Nuse


Photo credit: @nuse.official/Instagram.

If you’re all about achieving that effortlessly flawless “no makeup” look or diving into trendy makeup styles, keep an eye on the Korean cosmetic brand Nuse!

Nuse specialises in makeup products that effortlessly enhance natural beauty while providing skincare benefits. The brand’s forward-thinking and youthful approach to beauty are encapsulated in its motto, “new, get used to it.”

Let’s explore Nuse’s range of offerings!

What’s in the Nuse Product Lineup?

Liquid Care Cheek


Nuse’s Liquid Care Cheek seamlessly blends onto the skin, creating a natural flush on the cheeks. This vegan and hypoallergenic liquid blush, formulated with adenosine and a-bisabolol, not only imparts a rosy tint, but also evens out skin tone and soothes irritation for a healthier, brighter complexion!

The blush features Cochenillifera Complex, containing cactus fruit extract and 11 types of hyaluronic acid, providing nourishment and hydration to the skin.

It adheres seamlessly over base makeup, ensuring a flawless finish without patchiness!

Nuse Liquid Care Cheek is available in seven lively colours:

  • #01 Dazzle Ginger (soft peach hue)
  • #02 Fig Fog (nude pink)
  • #03 Pale Blossom (warm pink)
  • #04 Poppy Breeze (pinkish orange)
  • #05 Veil Bay (beigeish orange)
  • (New) #06 Muhly Bowl (purple)
  • (New) #07 Plum Pot (rosy pink)

Nuse Liquid Care Cheek retails for RM87.40 on YesStyle.

Care Tone-Up


Photo credit: @nuse.official/Instagram.

For those seeking a lightweight foundation alternative that imparts an even skin tone finish, Nuse’s Care Tone-Up cream is an excellent choice!

Formulated with 3,000ppm of noisome panthenol and Cochenillifera Complex, the Care Tone-Up provides instant moisture replenishment with a bright glow. It also offers SPF 50+ PA++++ for UV protection.

The lightweight tone-up cream adheres effortlessly to the skin, providing a natural and breathable finish. The product is vegan-certified and hypoallergenic.

Nuse’s Care Tone-Up comes in four tinted formulations for different effects:

  • #01 Peach: Neutral peachy tone to counteract hyperpigmentation.
  • #02 Ivory: Creates an even base for a glowy look.
  • #03 Mint: Mint green tint to colour-correct redness.
  • #04 Milk: Minimises the appearance of uneven skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Nuse Care Tone-Up retails for RM78.60 on YesStyle.

Care Liptual


Nuse’s Care Liptual is a vegan and hypoallergenic lip tint with a natural dewy finish. This lip tint not only adds a beautiful pop of colour, but also keeps the lips hydrated!

Enriched with noisome panthenol and Cochenillifera Complex, the nourishing formula delivers moisture for soft and smooth lips. Its lightweight texture glides on effortlessly, providing plump and supple lips with a high-shine finish.


Photo credit: @nuse.official/Instagram.

Care Liptual is available in six MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades:

  • #01 Molten Peanut (pinkish brown)
  • #02 By Sunset (bright coral)
  • #03 Redish Huh (dark maroon)
  • #04 Posy Rosy (reddish brown)
  • #05 Cool Babe (deep rose pink)
  • #06 Fin Berry (mauve pink)

Nuse Care Liptual retails for RM63.86 on YesStyle.

Color Care Lipbalm


Photo credit: @nuse.official/Instagram.

The Color Care Lipbalm from Nuse is essential for those seeking instant hydration and a touch of colour for dry lips.

This vegan-certified and hypoallergenic product is infused with ceramide, opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract, and 11 types of hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture and soften rough lips. Its smooth texture glides on seamlessly without causing flakiness!


Color Care Lipbalm is available in six shades:

  • #01 French Nude (warm orange-red)
  • #02 Hey Woody (deep red)
  • #03 So Red (bright red)
  • #04 Calming Coral (bright pink-orange)
  • #05 Mauve Move (deep reddish purple)
  • #06 We Are Nuse (translucent)

Nuse Color Care Lipbalm retails for RM62.05 on YesStyle.

Featuted Image credit: @nuse.official/Instagram.