We’ve always been fan of peel-off nail polish as sometimes you just want to easily remove your latest manicure so you can experiment with other colours quickly. Furthermore, if you’re Muslim, the quick removal makes it easy to be ready for praying.

That’s why when we saw these cute nail polish sets by Nita Cosmetics, we had to resist HARD from adding them to our carts. Inspired by Malaysia’s Pasars, these sets are packaged in colourful imagery that really reminds us of our local culture.

They’re also appropriately named too, with sets in Segar, Borong, Runcit, and Tani; there’s a set for nearly every type of go-to market.

The nail polishes come in nude and pink colours and come with a peelable topcoat which allows for a glossy finish.

Nita Cosmetics Resepi Peelable Nail Polish Set in Tani

We’re especially fond of the colours in the Resepi Peelable Nail Polish Set in Tani, because just look at these shades of gorgeous pinks!

Nita Cosmetics was founded by Aznita Azman back in 2016 and carries many makeup products and accessories including lippies, highlighters, blushers, and more.

We only wish that more of their products were as culturally themed as these nail polishes, as we would love to collect our very own ‘Malaysia-themed’ makeup and skincare. Wouldn’t you?

Get them for RM49 instead of RM57 now at Nita Cosmetics.

Featured image credit: Nita Cosmetics