Nail polish has evolved throughout the years – from traditional nail polishes to nail wraps and peel-off nail polishes. While we do love the entire process of getting pampered by the beauticians and get our nails done, it can be a pain to remove them after, unless you request the beauticians from the nail salons to do it for you (but not everyone has the luxury to do so!).

We’re always looking for easier ways to make the process of removing our pretty nail polish after – thus peel-off nail polish is such a blessing for us! Many dermatologists have recommended using peel-off nail polish because it’s much easier on your nails. This is because the color peels off without causing any damage to your nails. It also helps to keep your nails from absorbing any harmful chemicals that are found in most traditional nail polishes.

What is peel-off nail polish?


Peel-off nail polish is made out of water or glue mixed with various types of dyes to get the regular shade of colours. This type of hypoallergenic nail polish is usually made without any odour or scent and can be easily removed without any type of acetone. They are also usually made with natural ingredients free from any toxic materials, which makes them much healthier for your nails. However, that also means it doesn’t last as long as traditional nail polishes do – just a little something to take note of.

Peel-off nail polish is also a popular option among Muslim women because they could easily remove them before praying. Bear in mind, don’t be confused between halal nail polish and peel-off nail polish. Halal nail polish is where water and oxygen could pass through easily to your nails. Not all peel-off nail polishes allows that. Hence, Muslim women will have to remove them before performing their prayers, it’s just that the removal process is a lot easier.

Is peel-off nail polish bad for you?


It may seem like when you’re peeling the nail polish off, you’re also peeling your nail layers at the same time. However, this is a myth; peel-off nail polish doesn’t do that at all! In fact, it’s much healthier for your nails.

Aside from coloured peel-off nail polish, many people tend to use the peel-off base coat underneath their non-peelable nail polish. This makes it easier for them to remove it without having to use any nail polish remover. There’s a myth going around that says peel-off base coat could damage your nail plate. However, even if you use non-peelable nail polish, as long as your nails are already damaged, any kind of nail polish could worsen it even more. If you have healthy nail plates, then using peel off nail polish would not cause any damage to your nail plate.

Pros and cons of peel off nail polish


As compared to regular nail polish, should you consider giving peel off nail polish a chance or not? We’ll let you decide after you’ve read through the pros and cons!


No drying time needed 

Unlike regular nail polish, peel-off nail polish gets dried up pretty quickly, within 60 seconds at the most. No more wasting time while waiting for it to dry without touching anything with your fingers!


You know how regular nail polish has a weird, toxic smell once you open the cap? Thankfully, peel-off nail polish bottles don’t usually have any smell. There’s actually really no odour at all!

Easy removal 

Need to quickly remove them while you’re out and about? No problem! If you’re also the type that loves to change colours frequently, it’ll be easy for you to remove them and replace them with new ones. No need to use a nail polish remover at all!

You’d only need to peel them off once it’s dried without the use of extra manicure tools as well. Simply pop off your peelable nail polish using a wood cuticle stick and gently lift the nail polish off from just above your nail cuticle.

Easy to apply 

Peel-off nail polish gets a good rep of being super easy to apply. When you apply one coat, it would appear clearly right off the bat.

Plus, when you accidentally make a mistake, you can simply peel it off instead of having to go through the hassle of using a nail remover. We know how it can be annoying when you wipe the mistake off but accidentally remove the ones that are perfectly applied so a peel-off nail polish can be great for those who hate this.

Toxic-free ingredients

If you’re really health-conscious, using a peel-off nail polish would be a better option than traditional nail polish. Peel-off nail polishes are usually formulated without the use of phthalates, formaldehyde and toluene, which are commonly found in regular nail polishes. These are potentially harmful chemicals, so you’ll be reassured that there won’t be any when you apply a peel-off nail polish.


They could cost more

Why we say it can cost more is because some of these peel off nail polishes tend to be lighter, hence, a few more coats are needed to make it look more visible. It also doesn’t really last that long, so you have to keep re-applying which makes your bottle finish fast.

Limited colours 

Compared to traditional nail polish, there isn’t a wide variety of shades since peel-off nail polishes aren’t that commonly found to begin with. Hence, you might not get the right shade or colour you’d want to with peel-off nail polish.

Has a shorter lifespan 

Peel-off nail polish typically lasts for a maximum of two weeks so you definitely can’t expect it to last longer than how your regular nail polishes would.

Where to buy peel off nail polish in Malaysia

Peel-off nail polish isn’t that easy to find, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them here in Malaysia! Despite the limited options, these brands are pretty popular among Malaysians.

1. Miniso Malaysia


Miniso has a couple of peel-off nail polish brands such as Sunshine, Acquerello and Naillit. There are several colours you can choose from, including glitter ones. You can either buy it from their website or head over to the nearest store to you.

2. Shopee or Lazada


The popular peel-off nail polish you can buy from Shopee or Lazada would be the BK Peel Off Nail Polish which is water-based. BK offers a wide variety of colours, from shades of pink to orange and yellow.

You can see most Muslim women wearing their peel off nail polish from BK. Unlike other peel-off nail polishes, they also offer neon or glow-in-the-dark peel-off nail polish. It’s also one of the cheaper options, costing only about RM10 per bottle, which makes it easier for you to carry it around wherever you go too!. You can buy it from Lazada or Shopee.


Other than that, ELM is also another great brand that offers peel-off nail polish, including glitter ones!

ELM peel-off nail polishes can be easily removed by just letting your nails be soaked in water for several minutes. Then, you can peel them off naturally by using a cuticle pusher, stick, or even your finger. ELM peel-off nail polishes are priced at RM21.90 per 12ml with a wide variety of colours such as nude, bold and henna. Their peel-off nail polishes are all made without any alcohol in the ingredients too. You can buy ELM peel off nail polish from Lazada or Shopee.

3. SO.LEK Cosmetics

peel off nail polish solek

SO.LEK is a Malaysian brand that’s known for offering halal nail polish. Aside from being halal, their nail polishes are peelable too! Their halal nail polish collection is called ‘KILAT’, which you could easily purchase from their official website. The interesting part about their peel-off nail polish is that each of their names is inspired by Malaysian fruits such as rambutan and langsat!

4. Innisfree


Innisfree only offers peel-off nail polish for base coat (RM19). Most people use this as a way to easily remove their nail polish without having to use a nail remover for their traditional nail polish or nail art. All you have to do is soak your nails in warm water and you can easily peel them off with ease. It’s also made to remove those stubborn glitter nails easily!

5. Zalora


Zalora houses two peel-off nail polish brands: COLOLAB and Pretty2u. COLOLAB only offers glitter peel off nail polish. So if you’re looking to put on glitter nail polish without worrying about taking them off (as we all know how difficult it can be), you could consider purchasing this.

6. Watsons


The peel-off nail polish by Essence (RM14.90) can be found on Watsons. The Essence GOGO Peel Off Nail Polish 04 offers a glittery effect in purple. Apply two coats and you’ll be having glittery fingers! You can buy it here.

Featured image taken from Nail It Mag.

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