Halal nail polish has been around for years with growing popularity among Muslim and non-Muslim women all around the world.

The main reason why halal nail polish is becoming everyone’s favourite is how it is much healthier than regular nail polish as it allows water and oxygen to penetrate through the nail. That way, your nails are able to grow better too since we are always told not to leave nail polish on for too long in order to let them breathe.

With breathable nail polish, you can leave it on for a longer period of time!

What is halal nail polish?

First, halal means the particular product is free from any prohibited components that Muslims aren’t allowed to consume according to the Shariah Law. The utensils, equipment and machinery used to produce the products have to be cleansed according to the Shariah Law as well.

If the beauty companies follow the Shariah Laws, then it is considered halal. However, most nail polish companies contain prohibited ingredients such as alcohol and ingredients derived from certain parts of animals.

What makes a nail polish halal then? Well, aside from following according to the Shariah Laws, the nail polish has to be breathable as well. This means that air and water must go through the nail polish, which is something most nail polishes do not offer.

The reason why Muslims need to wear breathable nail polish is so that they could perform their daily five prayers, also known as ‘Wudhu’. In order to perform these prayers, the entire body needs to be cleansed from head to toe. This is why Muslim women avoid non-breathable nail polishes that don’t allow them to cleanse their nails completely as oxygen and water aren’t pass through.

If you find it hard to distinguish whether a nail polish brand is halal or not, here are some of the best halal nail polish brands around which are 100% halal!

Best halal nail polish brands you can find in Malaysia

1. Inglot


Inglot made Muslim women go on a craze after releasing their breathable nail polish line in 2013. Not all of their products are halal, though. Their halal product line consists of advanced polymer, enabling it to be water-permeable and allowing oxygen to penetrate through with ease. Inglot offers the complete nail polish set – breathable top coat, base coat, and even a matte line that has a soft matte finish when applied to your nails!

Here are some of the product lines that are halal:

Nail Polish – Original Version

Their nail polish varies up to 60+ colours! You’ll be spoilt for choice with their different shades.

Nail Polish – Matte Line 

For their matte line, they have up to 12 colours to date.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM78. You can buy it from Inglot’s Official Website, Lazada and Shopee.

2. 786 Cosmetics


A brand that started back in 2017 by a married couple, Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani, it has become one of the best halal nail polish brands around the world!

Ibrahim found a gap in the market for Muslim women when it comes to beauty products, especially for breathable nail polish and started the brand.

A little fun fact about the colours, they are all inspired by the cities that they visited all around the world. They wanted to connect with the community from all walks of life, with the fans submitted their own ideas for the nail polish colours.

786 Cosmetics have their own certifications to confirm their halal-status. Their nail polish is also vegan and cruelty-free while also being breathable, allowing water and oxygen to penetrate. There are no harsh chemicals involved in the production process as well!

If you’re wondering which colour to get first, these are their current bestsellers:

Not forgetting their nail polish sets that come in three pieces and six pieces!

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM53.99. You can buy it from 786 Cosmetic’s Official Website.

3. Maya Cosmetics


Founded in the year 2016, Maya Cosmetics has paved its way into being the leading halal nail polish brand in America. Rest assured they have halal certificates under their belt to prove their credibility of being a halal nail polish brand.

While most nail polishes are made not breathable, Maya’s nail polish formula allows water and oxygen to fully penetrate and reach the nails, making them 100% breathable. Many have said they don’t chip off easily either, so that’s certainly a huge plus!

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM57.86. You can buy it from Maya Cosmetic’s Official Website.

4. Tuesday in Love


The background of how the brand came about is pretty sweet!

The founder, Umar, one day decided to create a better formula of nail polish after seeing his wife glancing over at one of the existing nail polish brands at the mall. It was a Tuesday when he demonstrated how water molecules are able to seep through the nail polish inked on the paper. That’s how Tuesday in Love started and became one of the more popular halal nail polish brands around.

With their micro-pores found in the colour polymer compound, water molecules are able to penetrate into the nail polish, offering more space for your nails to grow and breathe. Each nail polish is made with five-free formula, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. Their nail polishes are halal certified as well.

You won’t regret purchasing their nail polishes because part of their profits is donated to the Islamic Relief Canada organization as well as Plan Canada to help any families that are underprivileged.

Not only that, but you’ll be in awe of their beautiful shades that customers can purchase individually or in their sets, which come in threes.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM45.85. You can buy it from Tuesday in Love’s Official Website.

5. Orly


Orly nail polish isn’t just halal, but it’s also enriched with healthy vitamins and argan oil which makes your nail polish last longer and gives off healthier nails.

Their 100% breathable nail polish collection offers a wide variety of colours including glittery ones! The nail polish is all nine-free, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

You will be able to find a colour shade that’s your favourite as they offer over 30 lovely shades.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM74.50. You can buy it from Orly’s Official Website, Zalora, and SHINS.

6. Amara Cosmetics


Deemed as the first cosmetics company in the U.S for being halal-focused, it’s no surprise how popular their halal nail polish brands are among Muslim women.

Their nail polishes are created using the breakthrough-Oxygen Resin-Complex with Advanced Oxygen Technology to allow 100% penetration. You will be able to perform your prayers without having to remove them off!

Aside from being 100% breathable, their products are also in accordance with the Shariah Laws, so it is totally halal.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM57.92. You can buy it from Amara’s Official Website.

7. Karma


Karma’s halal nail polish line consists of unique names as they are all named after common Muslim women!

Some of the frequent names are Fatima, Zara and Shakira. Any practising Muslims are able to wear these nail polish and not worry about whether they’ll have to keep re-applying them whenever they pray. It doesn’t violate any Shariah Law as well.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM57.89. You can buy it from Karma’s Official Website.

8. Three Beauties


Aside from being halal and breathable, the nail polish produced by Three Beauties is also eco-friendly. Comes in 9ml or 15ml bottles, take your pick from their wide collection of 24 stunning colours, with almost every shade available.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM49.66. You can buy it from Three Beauties’ Official Website.

9. Vivre Cosmetics


Virve Cosmetics offers not just halal, but also paraben free and cruelty-free nail polish! The beautiful shades are perfect for any occasion. Not to mention how their nail polish formula is infused with vitamins and argan oil, enabling your nails to be healthier too. Their shades are also pretty rich, so they’ll stand out no matter what outfit you wear!

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM53.76. You can buy it from Vivre Cosmetics’ Official Website.

10. LENA


Offering Wudhu-friendly nail polish, LENA’s breathable nail polish is every Muslim women’s favourite up to date. How do they make it breathable? The nail polish formula is made with a special polymer that enables oxygen to penetrate easily, making it 100% permeable to allow even water molecules to go through as well. Their formula has been tested to ensure water permeability.

Instead of regular shades, their nail polish consists of matte, glitter and neon shades as well! We cannot miss out on mentioning their holographic breathable nail polish which looks really cool and stylish.

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM44.04. You can buy it from Lena’s Official Website.

11. SO.LEK


Unlike the other brands listed in this list, SO.LEK is a homegrown brand made in Malaysia! A pair of Malaysian siblings decided to start a cosmetic brand catered to Muslims, and of course, they offer halal nail polish options as well! Their halal nail polish collection called ‘Kilat’ offers a variety of shades, with quirky names inspired by iconic Malaysian fruits in Malay language! Some of them include Rambutan, Anggur (Grape), and Betik (Papaya).

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM49. You can buy it from SO.LEK’s Official Website.

12. Kester Black


Kester Black offers 10-free natural, organic nail polish which is vegan and free from containing harmful chemicals. What makes them organic is due to the natural ingredients such as kefir and avocado oil. You don’t have to use alcohol-based nail polish removers as well, their nail polish comes off easily with water-based removers too. Bonus point: they’re fast drying so you don’t have to avoid touching things with your fingers while waiting for them to dry. If you’re wondering which shade to go for, their Petal nail polish that comes in dusty nude is their top-rated product!

The price of their nail polishes starts at RM57. You can buy it from Inglot’s Official Website, Fashion Valet, V Philosophy, Shopee, Lazada and Pretty Suci.