Independence Day is just around the corner and the excitement is building up! Whatever your plans may be, we hope one of them is getting your nails done.

Consider celebrating in style by treating yourself to some fantastic nail art that truly embodies the spirit of Malaysia.

Show off your patriotism by glamming up your nails with some of the prettiest Merdeka-inspired nail designs we’ve seen.

The classic red

Credit: @overglowedit

Nothing beats having a single-tone shade. And what better way to celebrate independence with a bright red shade? You can also sport other solid colours like yellow, blue or even white (if you can keep them away from changing shades).

Gold stars

Credit: @ricekittynails

Ever feel like Rihanna’s Diamonds could be playing in the background? Well, for us, it’s all about that patriotic vibe! The glint of gold stars takes us straight to our Malaysian flag’s star. It’s like a mini constellation celebrating our nation right at your fingertips.

Yellow French tips

Credit: @the_manicure_company

This twist on the classic French nails has got our hearts and most probably our hands too.

Matching the colours of our Malaysia flag, this yellow French tip is the perfect way to go. You can even add strips of red and white as a French tip.

Go blue

Credit: @vivianmariewong

Forget Monday blues; this is one blue that you’ll need stat! Blue symbolises unity through peace and obedience. So, go peace with yourself and get your nails done! Complete the look with a 3D design.

The national flower

Credit: @wuwunails

Who doesn’t love hibiscus?

Beyond its numerous hair benefits, imagine the charm of hibiscus blossoms adorning your nails! Collaborate with your nail artist for a chic nude base, perfect for those seeking an understated look.

Alternatively, opt for vibrant, bold hues like sunny yellow, and let this exquisite design grace your nails with its presence.


Credit: @overglowedit

This incredibly fun colour combination, masterfully crafted by @overglowedit, has us itching to secure our next appointment!

Each pairing of colours radiates vibrantly without tipping into over-the-top territory, and that’s precisely what makes this design one of our absolute favourite. The seamless blend of colours strikes the perfect balance, showcasing an expert touch that leaves us utterly enamoured.

Sparkly blue

Credit: @mydumbnails

Another shade of blue that has captured our hearts is this dazzling, shimmering hue. If you’re all about the beauty of simplicity and embrace a minimalist approach, this choice would undoubtedly resonate with you!

This stunning nail concept will surely pique your interest, and you might find yourself tempted to experiment with this style in a whole spectrum of colours.

Red & white swirls

Credit: @nailcreationsskopje

Elevate your nail game with a remarkably distinctive design.

This option stands as a striking choice to vividly showcase your unwavering patriotism. Picture a pristine white base that sets the stage for the main attraction – elegant red swirls dancing artistically around each nail.

It’s a choice that fuses sophistication with national pride, making every gesture a statement of love for your country.

Ombré blue

Credit: @kuypernailart

The ombré style is a timeless classic that continues to shine. Now you can elevate this trend by experimenting with a spectrum of captivating colours on each nail.

For those who find this a little too simple, speak to your manicurist and see if there are any nail art designs with colours that make it pop!

Shine bright

Credit: @nailcreationsskopje

Draw inspiration from the star on the Malaysian flag to craft a nail design that pays homage. Mimic the brilliance of the bright yellow stars alongside a delicate nude shade, harmonising in flawless synergy.

This pairing captures a stunning balance, much like the elements on the flag itself.

Vintage florals

Credit: @stephstonenails

For those who lean towards shorter nails, these vintage florals with red and yellow shades would be super adorable to style! These retro-inspired flowers bring a delightful and whimsical vibe to your nails, adding a dash of nostalgia to your style.

The perfect duo

Credit: @overglowedit

Here’s an ideal choice for those who prefer a subtle touch or aren’t particularly drawn to bold, vibrant hues.

This nude nail design is adorned with delicate crescent and star stickers that bring the entire look together. the cosmos. You have the option to either forgo the base colour or incorporate a shade that resonates with your patriotic spirit.

Shiny and bold

Credit: @nailsbystephani.e

Calling all the long nail lovers who crave that extra shine!

There’s no need to hold back like our short-nailed friends. Imagine a playful combo of red and white nails with glitzy red diamond stones, paired with white petals.

It’s totally screaming independence!

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