This year, milky nails have taken over social media, with blueberry milk nails reigning supreme as the “it” summer colour of 2023.

The newest trend takes the name of a delicious order: the “lavender latte”. With its adorable pastel purple, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to wear these lavender latte nails. From milky French to chrome finish popularised by Hailey Bieber, there’s something for everyone.

Hold on to your wallet, because we’ve rounded up 14 “lavender latte” nail inspiration that will have you rushing to your nearest nail salon, as well as some of the best “lavender latte” nail polishes you can get to DIY this look at home!

14 “lavender latte” nail inspiration

Back to basic “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @polished_yogi/Instagram

Even if you don’t apply any fancy designs, this lovely purple shade will make your nails look enchanting. If you’re tired of the usual white or red manicure, why not try this cute purple manicure?

Not only does it look stunny, its resemblance to taro milk latte will surely have your stomach growling.

Chrome “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @overglowedit/Instagram

Much like how French manis can never go out of style, chrome has slowly become the new nail staple of today.

If you want something that is easy to wear but has a little extra pizzaz, we highly recommend going for a chrome look on your “lavender latte” nails.

Muted dusty “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @lemanoir/Instagram

If you’re not a pastel girl, why not try a more muted tone? These muted dusty “lavender latte” nails will definitely spice up your look while remaining subtle enough to match with any outfits.

When compared to its pastel counterpart, the toned down colour gives off a more mature vibe, which will definitely add a hint of elegance to your appearance.

Glitter “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @nails_by_wave/Instagram, @nailsxolily/Instagram

In contrast to the muted dusty design above, these glitter “lavender latte” nails are ideal for a date night or girls’ night out because it will be shining brightly even in the dark.

These eye-catching nails will also look great along your party dresses, making you stand out in the crowd!

Paddle-pop “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @karin.nailedit/Instagram

These paddle-pop nails – inspired by the popsicle ice cream by the same name – will undoubtedly be a great accessory to the trendy Y2K outfits we’re all sporting.

But just because it’s easy to go overboard with the colour mixing, it doesn’t mean you should. Make sure that the “lavender latte” colour takes centre stage, so that the overall hue remains purple-ish and isn’t overwhelmed by the other paddle-pop colours!

Galaxy “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @karin.nailedit/Instagram

With its little wobbly lines of different purple hues mixed into the “lavender latte” nails, this spin looks like something Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time would wear.

The addition of sparkles and white dots to the galaxy background creates a picture-perfect painting of a galactic sky with stars floating among it.

Daisy “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails


Returning to earth, these daisies are unquestionably one of the cutest ways to jazz up your “lavender latte” nails.

The white petals and yellow buds of the daisies complements the pastel purple perfectly, making it the ideal summer combination. Daisy “lavender latte” nails will definitely make you smile every time you see them!

French flower twist “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @giangnail.le/Instagram

Why not give your daisies “lavender latte” nails a French twist for something even more unique?

This design is definitely more classy with the addition of pink-ish nude, and if you find it difficult to stick to just one colour, you can even unleash your full creativity and add different coloured flowers onto your nails!

Blush “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @overglowedit/Instagram

Blush nails have surely won our hearts, and when paired with “lavender latte” nails, it’s simply to die for!

The blush “lavender latte” nails can look a little awkward on their own, so we recommend going all out with little charms with this design.

Dainty line “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails


The addition of dainty lines to your half French manicure is a sophisticated take on the “lavender latte” nails. Because of its elegant look and subtlety, this design is also much more wearable, especially if you have to go into the office every day!

Dreamy “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @so_nailtastic/Instagram

Another way to play up the dreamy factor of the “lavender latte” nails is to emphasise the ethereal vibe.

You can achieve the perfect fairy-core look by adding clouds and sparkles to your “lavender latte” nails, which will go perfectly with your pastel themed outfits!

Dreamy chrome “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @nailartbyjen/Instagram

You can also amp up the dreaminess of the “lavender latte” nails by applying a purple chrome finish.

With purple chrome dust added, your nails will look almost unreal, with a “lavender latte” tint that appears to glow from within like a gemstone, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with your nails all over again.

You can also add some gem stones and a butterfly charm to your nails to make it look truly mystical.

Lavender flower latte nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @pazurkowe.love_bstok/Instagram

While we’re on the subject of lavender, why not draw some on your “lavender latte” nails? Thanks to @pazurkowe.love_bstok’s ingenious idea, we can see why this nail trend is called “lavender latte”; the milky purple hue looks especially stunning next to the lovely lavender flower!

Flower wrap “lavender latte” nails

lavender latte nails

Credits: @sweetnailz_/Instagram

If you’re a fan of the movie Tangled by Disney, this take on “lavender latte” nails will be right up your alley!

This design looks like it should be on Rapunzel’s nails, with small 3D flowers in the same purple hue wrapped around the gradient “lavender latte” nails.

Best “lavender latte” nail polishes

O.P.I Polly Want a Lacquer Nail Polish

lavender latte nails

If you’re looking for a dependable nail polish, O.P.I will never let you down because it not only spreads quickly without streaking but also provides a smooth, high-shine effect that will last for months.

O.P.I Polly Want a Lacquer is the ideal milky purple shade that will fulfil all of your “lavender latte” nail dreams.

O.P.I Polly Want a Lacquer retails for RM48.89 and is available at Shopee.

Essie Lilacism Nail Polish

lavender latte nails

Essie is another well-known nail polish brand that will elevate your DIY home manicure to salon-quality level. Their nail polishes are also vegan and free of animal testing, making it one of the most popular nail polish brands of all time.

Essie in Lilacism is a versatile light purple shade that will look great on both cool and warm toned ladies!

Essie Lilacism Nail Polish retails for RM73.11 and is available at Care to Beauty.

Rom&nd Mood Pebble Nails in Lilac Soap

lavender latte nails

Rom&nd Mood Pebble Nails in Lilac Soap is super long-lasting, and an even gloss coat can be achieved in just one layer.

If you prefer a transparent, glossy finish, this is the one for you because your nails will still appear light even after multiple layers.

Rom&nd Mood Pebble Nails in Lilac Soap retails for RM35 and is available at Lazada. A discount is offered at the time of writing. Tap in to see updated price!