When we first heard about Mylara Skincare, we were interested in checking out another potential local brand. After all, we’re all about supporting local beauty brands here.

But there were concerns surrounding Mylara Skincare – many concerns regarding the safety of the products, whether the brand is legitimate, and about the founder of the brand.

So, we decided to put our sleuthing skills to the test and try and get to the bottom of this mysterious Mylara Skincare.

If you’ve been using their products, you might need to put your routine on hold until the end of this article.

Is Mylara Skincare approved by the Ministry of Health?

Mylara Skincare approved list

All cosmetic products marketed in Malaysia must first be notified to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) and Ministry of Health (MOH).

Products that comply with stipulated guidelines and requirements are given a notification number and are subjected to continuous monitoring to ensure quality and safety.

You can search the notification status of a cosmetic product from NPRA’s official website here and follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Consumer Tab
  2. Click on the Search Product Tab
  3. Select the Cosmetic option
  4. Search using either of these criteria:
    • Notification number
    • Product name
    • Name of the notification holder
    • Name of the product manufacturer
    • Name of Importer

A quick search of NPRA does reveal that some Mylara Skincare products are in the system, so if you want to be sure of the product you are using, it’s best to do a quick check to see if it’s there.

Who is the founder of Mylara Skincare?

Mylara Skincare about us

One thing we tried to find more about is about the origins of Mylara Skincare – how it started, when it started, and most importantly, who started it?

Surprisingly, Mylara Skincare’s About Us page does not mention much about the origins of the brand. It mostly talks about what the brand is, how it is produced in a GMP certified factory, and other information like that.

The most interesting thing that stood out to us is the banner that greets you as soon as you click into the page. It’s a note from their founder, which has an inspiring message about skincare accompanied by a picture of a smiling woman – but strangely, it doesn’t list her name.

All it says is ‘Myra Founder’.

Further investigation into Mylara’s website reveals nothing else about this mysterious woman and what her name is.

Mylara Skincare twitter

But when we hopped onto Twitter, we found an old Tweet by Mylara Skincare’s official Twitter account from 2018 that reveals their founder is a woman named Dr. Mahirah (MD, UNUD).  UNUD being short for Universitas Udayana Denpasar, which is a university located in Bali, Indonesia.

They also explain that while Dr. Mahirah has a medical degree, she does not practise in Malaysia, and is currently a full-time entrepreneur.

That’s one mystery solved, but another unravels, as the Tweet mentioned was actually in response to a Twitter thread started by user @skinnyondinie.

The thread scrutinises Mylara Skincare, calling into question the legitimacy of the brand and Dr. Mahirah.

This made us curious about what else we could find about Mylara Skincare and its products.

What do the reviews of Mylara Skincare look like?

Mylara Skincare feedback

The brand apparently has over 100,000 plus feedback and has published many happy customer testimonials on their website.

We decided to take these with a pinch of salt as well and go sleuthing for other reviews on Mylara Skincare elsewhere on the Internet.

Here, we compiled a few reviews and highlighted the key points we found about them.

Baju Warna Coklat’s Review

Mylara Skincare bajuwarnacoklat

In the Twitter thread mentioned earlier, user @skinnyondinie also questions the legitimacy of a glowing review of Mylara Skincare on the blog Baju Warna Coklat.

So, we decided to look at the Baju Warna Coklat review ourselves to see whether it could be trusted or not.

The review talks about the Mylara Skincare 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Facial Set. While it starts off normal, it does read extremely advertorial-like as it talks a lot about the brand in general.

It even includes a frequently asked questions section about the brand.

The real review is hidden past pictures of others’ testimonies, but we weren’t exactly surprised to see that each product received glowing remarks.

It’s safe to say it’s best to take this blogpost with a heavy pinch of salt.

Leeazleeya.com’s Review

Mylara Skincare Leeazleeya.com

We quickly found another glowing review, this time it’s by Lea of Leeazleeya.com. Her review title roughly translates to ‘Mylara Skincare the Best Choice to Treat Facial Skin Problems’.

This time, the review is of Mylara Skincare’s Skin Perfecting Basic Set and she talks a lot about why she likes the products in her own words.

Some of her thoughts:

  • Mylara 4-in-1 Collagen Cleanser: Retains moisture of the skin after washing, not too foamy.
  • Mylara Hydro Peeling Gel: Leaves the skin feeling soft as the dead skin is removed.
  • Mylara Matte Miracle CC Cream SPF 30: Non-sticky, non-greasy, no need for foundation.
  • Mylara Revitalizing Night Cream: Face feels very moist, light, and smooth.

However, her post still mentions a few points that sounded like they were taken from a marketing pitch, such as how Mylara Skincare apparently has doctors and staff who are skilled in their respective fields.

There are also some strange mentions about how the night cream does not contain mercury, so it is guaranteed safe.

At the end of her post, she also includes testimonials from other customers, much like the Baju Warna Coklat post.

Farah Dafri’s Review

Mylara Skincare Farah Dafri

This review of Mylara Perfect Glow Serum and Mylara Glowing Cleanser by Faa of the blog Farah Dafri is promising.

It starts off talking about her initial scepticism regarding the brand. She has had experience dealing with other brands that include harmful substances and was wary about trying another local skincare brand.

Faa explains that one red flag of a beauty product is that they do not what to disclose what ingredients are in the product, but Mylara Skincare does list their ingredients.

She looked through the ingredients in the products she tried out and found nothing abnormal about them, and even lists the full ingredient list on her blogpost.

For the cleanser, she notes that the skin doesn’t feel dry after washing, so it does not strip away the skin’s natural oils.

She easily favours the Perfect Glow Serum, which contains pore-minimizing and brightening Niacinamide. According to her, the serum absorbs quickly and has made her skin softer and smoother after only a week of use.

So, is Mylara Skincare legit or not?

Mylara Skincare products

After all that we’ve found, we think we can conclude that Mylara Skincare is, at the very least, legitimate, as they have several products that are on the NPRA’s notification list.

While it may not be the most transparent brand in terms of advertising and its history, it is supposedly transparent in one area that matters greatly – the product ingredient list.

This is an advice that is not only applicable to Mylara Skincare but to all beauty products: please do your research and check on the ingredients of the products you are using!

Websites like Cosdna allow you to easily look up an existing product or input a list of ingredients to check whether that ingredient is harmful or an irritant, so you don’t have to be an expert in chemicals.

And if you are cautious about how the product may react on your skin, always do a patch test before using a new product. This will make sure that you can pick up averse reactions before you commit to the product.

If you are looking to try Mylara Skincare or another new beauty brand you’ve found, do be wary and heed our advice.

Featured image credit: ieyra