There are so many makeup artists around the world who constantly share their beauty tips, tricks, and innovative techniques with an eager audience.

However, it’s not just the global beauty community that’s making waves; Malaysia has its fair share of exceptionally talented makeup artists who are setting trends, pushing boundaries, and redefining beauty standards.

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist looks that exude natural elegance, crave celebrity-inspired styles or glamorous party-ready makeup tips and ideas, here are some of Malaysia’s most talented makeup artists you’d want to follow on social media stat!

Makeup by Ummi Nasir

Ummi Nasir, a professional makeup artist and content creator, has undeniably carved her name into the hearts of beauty enthusiasts across Malaysia.

Her journey in the world of makeup artistry is nothing short of inspiring, earning her a devoted following of makeup lovers, beauty aficionados, and admirers alike.

Notably, Ummi’s presence at Shu Uemura’s recent lipstick launch highlights her growing reputation and the recognition she’s receiving from renowned beauty brands, making her a well-known figure in the industry.

With her unparalleled expertise and a keen eye for the latest trends, Ummi Nasir has not just worked her magic on countless of faces, but has also generously shared beauty tips along the way.

Whether you’re aiming to radiate beauty on your wedding day, elevate your everyday style, or seamlessly transition between fancy and casual looks, she’s the gal you’ll want to turn to for accessible beauty advice, creative ideas, and valuable tips.

On social media, she regularly shares her personal makeup techniques to help you enhance your skills and achieve your beauty goals.

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Hariharan Arasu (Ardana Haran Bridal)

Whoever said that makeup and beauty prowess is exclusive to women clearly hasn’t been keeping up with the evolving beauty landscape. In recent years, men have been stepping up their beauty game, and some might argue that their skills and techniques are rivaling, if not surpassing, those of women.

Case in point, meet Hariharan Arasu, a talented male Indian makeup artist based in Kuala Lumpur, whose artistry has garnered love and admiration from a diverse fanbase of over 125,000.

People love him for his ability to create stunning traditional Indian makeup looks that exude elegance and authenticity.

What sets him apart is not just his remarkable makeup skills but also his own line of beauty products, Ardana Haran beauty. This demonstrates his commitment to enhancing beauty, not just for his clients but for everyone seeking high-quality products to elevate their look.

Additionally, he also conducts personal makeup classes for those who are looking to enhance their makeup skills. For those who aspire to become makeup artists themselves, you can join his bridal masterclasses.

If your wedding bells are on the horizon and you’re in need of some serious bridal beauty inspiration, look no further than Hariharan Arasu’s Instagram page. His portfolio showcases a treasure trove of stunning bridal transformations that will undoubtedly help you envision your dream look for the most important day of your life.

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Dinesh Nair (Blush Beauty & Beyond)

With over 198,000 followers on Instagram, Blush Beauty & Beyond, run by a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, has become a beloved choice for many Indian brides and beauty enthusiasts alike!

Behind the scenes of Blush Beauty & Beyond Bridal Makeup Service is a unique individual – a dentist by profession during the week and a makeup artist on the weekends. This power couple – consisting of the founder, Dines and his wife Hanujah – is dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure all their clients not only look stunning but also feel their absolute best.

Blush Beauty & Beyond is also another makeup artist that’s well known for offering masterclasses on Indian bridal looks as well as hairstyling workshops.

So, if you’re aspiring to kickstart your own makeup business, be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming masterclass. It’s your ticket to learning all the tips and tricks necessary to make your brides look and feel truly exceptional.

At times, he shares simple makeup tips on his Instagram stories, so be sure to check out his profile every now and then!

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Sheng Saw

With a rich portfolio of collaborations with both local and international artists, Sheng Saw draws inspiration for his distinctive makeup style from his passion for travelling and his extensive exposure to diverse cultures.

Sheng Saw has over 13 years of professional experience as a makeup artist. His credentials include working backstage at prestigious events like London Fashion Week and Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Plus, he has also provided his expertise as a makeup assistant to renowned makeup artists such as Sharon Dowsett, Val Garland, Lucia Peroni, Terry Barber, as well as Gordon Espinet.

His expertise shines through with his ability to create impeccable makeup looks that complement a wide range of skin tones, spanning from understated and natural to bold and cutting-edge.

Shang Saw often gets invited to beauty event launches, so if you want to stay updated on what’s new in the beauty industry, he’s your go-to source for all the information.

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Najeeb Azami

This talented makeup artist has had the privilege of working with an impressive roster of clients, including notable people like Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain, Erra Fazira, Maya Karin, Neelofa, and Nora Danish. His approach to makeup is centred around enhancing his clients’ natural beauty by skillfully using soft and pastel colours.

A quick browse through his Instagram profile reveals that the makeup looks he has created for his clients are characterised by a gentle and delicate touch, all while enhancing their natural beauty and giving them a radiant appearance.

With his exceptional talents, many global brands have sought to collaborate with him, including renowned names like Shu Uemura, Dior, Mac, and Laura Mercier. His exceptional skills have made him a sought-after figure in both the world of beauty and cosmetics!

If you’re looking for tips on how to glam up for a certain occasion, or even for your big day, check out his social media page to draw inspiration and create your own mood board.

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KF Bong

With over 60,000 followers on Instagram, KF Bong, also known as Japhet Bong, is a well-known figure in the fashion world and a celebrity makeup artist.

KF Bong’s unique and impeccable style sets him apart, earning him a devoted fan base. He’s not just loved but adored by many for his outstanding work in the beauty industry.

He has gained recognition for his versatile skills, catering to both men’s grooming as well as creating stunning makeup looks for women. He generously shares his skincare routines and makeup tips on social media, covering everything from foundation techniques to achieving that flawless finish.

If you’re familiar with Anis Nabilah, you’ll know her culinary talents know no bounds. What’s interesting is that KF Bong even lent his makeup expertise to style her for a photoshoot, giving her a naturally radiant look.

And let’s not forget that he had the honour of doing makeup for Michelle Yeoh during a photoshoot for Bazaar China.

From fashion and makeup tips to men’s grooming, he has you covered with a plethora of tips in his Instagram highlights. Occasionally, he also shares makeup and beauty products he uses in his daily routine, so you can get all the information you need from him right here! Make sure to check out his reels for a closer look at the products he uses.

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Khir Khalid

Next up, we have the globetrotting makeup sensation, Khir Khalid!

Khir Khalid is a makeup maestro sought after by big names like Neelofa, Carey Ng, and Raja Jesrina Arshad, just to name a few. His talent lies in his ability to understand a woman’s vision for her appearance or set the perfect mood for a photoshoot, keeping his schedule packed to the brim.

Whether it’s a bold and daring look or a soft and glamorous wedding style, Khir Khalid excels at creating a wide range of makeup styles. All he needs is a detailed description of the event or occasion, and he’ll work his magic to dress you up exactly the way you envision!

In his Instagram reels, without saying much, you can actually pick up some tips and tricks on how he contours, evens out your eyeshadow applications, and more. Sometimes, he even lists down the products he uses in his captions.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a particular product and wonder how it might look on you, just pay a visit to his page. Perhaps, he might have used them on someone with a similar skin tone to yours!

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Shallee Lee (Tale Makeover Studio)

Looking for the perfect makeup artist for your pre-wedding photoshoot or your big day? Look no further than Shallee Lee, your trusted “third wheeler”!

Shallee Lee is not only the founder of Tale Makeover Studio but also a makeup and hair artist. She has a wealth of experience working with brides from diverse cultural backgrounds, ensuring they look breathtakingly beautiful on their special day.

Whether it’s a Chinese wedding ceremony, an Indian celebration, or any other occasion, Shallee has got you covered. She can effortlessly create various looks, from elegant low buns to wavy hair paired with trendy Korean-style makeup.

However, her talents extend beyond weddings, as she has also lent her makeup skills to photoshoots and formal events through her very own Tale Makeover Studio.

Follow her for a plethora of hairstyle and makeup look inspiration. While she doesn’t share many beauty or makeup tips, you can draw inspiration for your own makeup from the content she shares on her social media page.

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Joy Chong

Joy Chong isn’t just a professional bridal makeup artist; she’s also a talented calligraphy artist. With her artistic skills, you can trust her to flawlessly craft that winged eyeliner on your most important day.

Joy dedicates a significant amount of her time to perfecting the skin, ensuring that her bridal looks always exude a gentle and airy finish.

For those in Singapore who adore her makeup artistry, you’re in luck because Joy is available in both Singapore and Malaysia. So, whether you’re in either location, you can still reach out to her for her expert makeup services.

With almost 32,000 followers on her Instagram account, you should already know by now why she’s loved by many. She shares personal details of her life, including her interests in food, travel, and, let’s not forget, beauty.

Additionally, if you check her Instagram highlights, you’ll also notice her ‘Shopee find’ lists where she makes purchases of some of her favorite products from Shopee.

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Norianna is known for her bridal makeup looks, characterised by their delicate and feminine aesthetics.

Beyond her bridal expertise, she’s a versatile artist who has worked on brand campaigns and created captivating content for her social media platforms. No matter the look you have in mind, Noriana has the skills to make it come to life.

Notably, she proudly holds the title of Nudestix ambassador, showcasing her connection to a prestigious beauty brand.

Norianna’s Instagram reels are not only engaging but also highly educational. She generously shares insights on topics like the differences between Nudescreen and other SPF products, beauty blender techniques, and even provides full makeup tutorials for her followers to experiment with.

Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and skills makes her a beloved figure in the beauty community, helping others enhance their makeup game.

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Feature image credit: KF Bong (Japheth Bong) & Dinesh Nair (Blush Beauty & Beyond)