L’Occitane is a renowned beauty brand that offers high-quality personal care products that are made with natural and sustainable ingredients from local farmers and artisans.

In a groundbreaking move, the brand has recently delighted us with the world’s first-ever L’Occitane Hotel pop-up concept.

Located at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, the L’Occitane pop-up concept sprawls across an impressive 13,000 square feet.

L’Occitane brings its unique essence to life in this extraordinary pop-up concept, setting a new standard of endeavours in the Asia-Pacific region.


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♬ original sound – L’Occitane MY – L’Occitane MY

Now, here’s the twist – while this innovative pop-up concept might resemble a hotel, it cheekily decides to skip the accommodations.

Instead, it offers an enchanting experience that takes you on a captivating journey, transporting you to marvelous realms of nature through immersive projection rooms.

So, pack your curiosity and join L’Occitane on this whimsical adventure where beauty meets joy and personal care becomes a delightful rendezvous with nature’s wonders.

A magical realm awaits you at L’occitane Hotel


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♬ original sound – L’Occitane MY – L’Occitane MY

Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, the L’Occitane hotel offers you a myriad of experiences.

Allow your senses to unleash as you immerse yourself in a symphony of captivating moments, destined to create memories that will linger long after your stay.

Some of the magical experience this hotel has to offer includes:

Almond Spa

Your first experience at the L’Occitane hotel is the Almond Spa.

Here you’ll be transported to a mesmerising Almond forest, learning about L’Occitane’s dedication to replanting while indulging in the pampering embrace of their Almond products.

5 Essential Oils Bar

Continue your adventure at the 5 Essential Oils Bar, where a skilled “hair care mixologist” will craft a personalised hair care routine tailored to your needs.

You can enjoy all of this while sipping on a refreshing juice blend amidst the breathtaking lavender fields.

Immortelle Suite

Your final destination is the Immortelle Suite, where a projection of an infinite Immortelle Flower Field awaits, showcasing the enduring beauty of their iconic flower.

Experience the transformative power of Immortelle on your skin while surrounded by art pieces created from upcycled L’Occitane beauty empties.

Gift Shop

Don’t miss out on a retail therapy spree at their gift shop, where you can snag the sensational products that have taken your stay to the next level.

And while you’re at it, channel your inner scent-sational detective and track down your one-of-a-kind signature fragrance at the florist.

Unleash your olfactory prowess and leave with a spritz of personalised allure.

Alternatively, surprise your loved ones, friends or family with a thoughtful gift that’s packed in a sustainable yellow box.

Do take note that the gift shop offers event-exclusive products, available while stocks last.

Source: Pamper.MY

Perks and privileges

L’Occitane Gold members will be delighted to know that the hotel offers exclusive check-in for you from the 26 to the 28 May.

However, if you do not currently hold a membership, there’s no need to worry. The hotel eagerly awaits the public, opening its doors on the 29 May.

Additionally, the hotel also offers two distinct types of perks to enhance your experience, which includes the following.

First 2,000 Sign-up Perks

  • Enjoy express lane entry
  • Receive a RM20 OFF voucher
  • A complimentary beverage on the house
  • Redemption valid on 29 May – 11 June 2023 only.

L’Occitane VIP Member Perks

  • Enjoy express lane entry
  • Receive a door gift
  • Receive a RM50 OFF voucher
  • A complimentary beverage on the house
  • Redemption valid on 26 – 28 May 2023 only.

Pre-registration is open now!

If you’re not one to enjoy waiting, then pre-register now to secure your spot and bypass the queue.

To book your stay, sign up at L’Occitane Hotel anywhere from 26 May to 11 June 2023 only at Bukit Jalil Pavilion (Lot 3.76.00, Level 3, Orange Zone), Malaysia.