If you’ve been scrolling through Douyin, you’ve probably picked up on the constant chatter in the realm of C-beauty.

This time, we’ve stumbled upon a lip product that might just become the newest addition to your lip gloss collection – the Judydoll Ice Watery Lip Gloss!

But what sets it apart goes beyond the tint itself – intrigued? Keep reading to get the scoop, including where you can grab one for yourself!

Why Is Everyone Raving About This Lip Tint?


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Beyond delivering the sought-after effect of luscious and dewy lips, it’s the applicator that’s stealing the spotlight!

The Judydoll Ice Watery Lip Gloss features a metal applicator – yes, you read that right! While it may seem unconventional, it’s more than just a gimmick.


Photo credit: @judydoll_official/Instagram.

This unique metallic applicator delivers a cooling sensation upon application and promises to smooth out your lip texture.

Plus, it sports an ergonomic design for precise control when you’re applying it to your lips.

Ring a bell? If you’re familiar with Rare Beauty’s Under Eye Brightener, which features a similar metal applicator for a cooling effect, you’re on the right track!

Now, let’s talk about the lip tint itself. Packed with borage seed oil and vitamin E, this lip tint leaves a moisture film over your lips, giving you that plump, hydrated look.

Swipe it on, and the tint’s watery gel texture leaves you with a translucent glossy finish.


Photo credit: @lion_glacier/TikTok.

Thanks to Glosstay Tech™, it gives you long-lasting colour that’s both smudge-proof and transfer-proof!

Explore The Shades Of This Lip Tint

This lip tint comes in four stunning shades:

#01 Vibrant Citrus Orange

An orange apricot shade.


#02 Ice Sugar Strawberry

A blush red shade.


#03 Rose Cherry Blossom

A pinkish red shade.


#04 Sunset Black Tea


A brownish red shade.

Where To Find This Lip Tint?


Photo credit: @judydoll_official/Instagram.

Judydoll Ice Watery Lip Gloss retails for RM38.40 on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @lion_glacier/TikTok, @laodishop/TikTok.

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