The beauty industry has introduced a wide array of captivating packaging designs for their products, encompassing ethereal aesthetics as well as packaging that draws inspiration from the whimsical tanghulu. Adding to this collection is the latest addition – the Merrymonde Milk Heart Tints!


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If you’re curious to learn more about these tints, keep reading because we have all the details you need, including where you can get your hands on one!

P.S. We’re convinced it’s the ultimate gift for any lippie or cheek makeup lover – bound to make heads turn!

What’s Inside The ‘Milk Carton’?


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Introducing the Merrymonde Milk Heart Tints, a delightful creation by the renowned Korean brand Merrymonde. Prepare to be enchanted by their charming milk carton packaging. Simply pop it open and discover four exquisite lip and cheek tints, elegantly displayed on a sturdy cardboard base.

This enchanting set is part of Merrymonde’s Love Crush Collection, showcasing captivating heart-shaped packaging. The tints themselves are housed in adorable heart-shaped bottles, drawing inspiration from the delightful hues of sweet, creamy milk.

These luminous milk tints are incredibly versatile, perfect for enhancing both your lips and cheeks! Experience the magic of their glossy formula, which imparts a subtle yet long-lasting shine to your lips. Enriched with moisturizing, vegan, and natural oil ingredients, these tints provide a nourishing touch of radiance.

How Does The Formula Feel On The Skin?


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Get ready for a lip transformation! Once you apply this tint to your lips, it creates a beautiful, sheer texture that feels like a refreshing splash of water. It’s not too diluted, so you’ll still get that perfect pop of colour. And here’s the best part – with just one coat, your lips will instantly shine with a glossy effect!

And if you’re going for a bolder look, the formula is buildable, letting you layer on the tint until you achieve your desired colour. It’s another go-to product if you’re aiming for that trendy “jelly lips” vibe.

What’s even better? These shades are also transfer-proof!


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Plus, you can dab a bit on your cheeks, then use your fingers to blend the colour into your skin – giving you that natural flush!

Shade Range Of The Merrymonde Milk Heart Tints

#01 Candy Milk

A light pink shade perfect for light skin tones.


Photo credit: @merrymonde_official/Instagram.

#02 Strawberry Milk

A rosy pink shade suitable for both cool and warm tones.


Photo credit: @merrymonde_official/Instagram.

#03 Mute Milk

A muted tone milk tea shade.


Photo credit: @merrymonde_official/Instagram.

#04 Mauve Milk

A cool-toned milky mauve shade.


Photo credit: @merrymonde_official/Instagram.

So, get creative! You can layer different tints to create stunning gradient lips, perfect for an everyday look!

Where To Find The Merrymonde Milk Heart Tints Set?


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The Merrymonde Milk Heart Tints retails for US$12 (~RM41.98) on Merrymonde.

While it’s a bummer that you can’t directly purchase this in our local stores, we recommend considering parcel forwarding services like MyUS if you’re keen on adding this adorable set to your collection!

On the bright side, these tints can be purchased individually for RM60.50 on YesStyle, minus the milk carton packaging.

Featured image credit: @_fuwa._/TikTok.