Eager to know what hair trends will define and grace the year 2024?

This year has been a bountiful and striking one for the hair industry, with an array of short haircuts, vibrant colours, and a greater emphasis on intensive haircare.

To unveil the hairstyles and trends that will take centre stage in the coming year, we sought the insights of two beauty and haircare experts. Let’s delve into what awaits us in 2024!

Hairstyles You Can Still Rock in 2024

Wolf Cut and Butterfly Cut

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @jennaortega/Instagram, @sarahchapmanhair/Instagram, @rey_nathanael13/Instagram

The wolf cut, a prominent hair trend on TikTok, has made a comeback alongside other hair trends from the ’70s and ’80s.

This hairstyle has gained immense popularity, with celebrities like Jenna Ortega, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish embracing it. Combining elements of the 70s shag and the 80s mullet, the wolf cut adds volume to your hair with longer layers at the back.

On the other hand, the butterfly cut, also known as the thousand-layer or octopus haircut, is renowned for its ability to give you “rom-com hair”.

This style incorporates numerous layers and feathering, featuring shorter layers on the top and crown, as well as curtain bangs.


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Some hairdressers have taken it to the next level by blending these two haircuts to create a distinctive appearance that can be customised to suit your personal style, whether it’s glamorous, edgy, grungy, cute, or elegant.

According to Tiffany Tan, Master Trainer Stylist at Picasso Hair Studio, both the wolf cut and butterfly cut “will still be trending at least for the first half of the year”. Plus, she noted that the butterfly cut may evolve into “a wilder and more shaggy version”.

Pin-straight Hair

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @anyataylorjoy/Instagram, @kimkardashian/Instagram

It’s time to stock up on heat protectants and get to grips with your hair straightener!

As a result of millennials and Gen Z’s nostalgic fascination with the noughties era, sleek and straight hair has made a comeback in the world of beauty.

This trend has been embraced by numerous celebrities who have sported this look on both the runway and the red carpet.

Tiffany shared that this polished look might get hyped up again while fashion trends get even more wild, outrageous, and futuristic since minimalist, pin-straight hair complements these fashion trends the best.

Mixie Cut

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @ivangomez/Instagram, @neutral.fleur/Instagram

Tired of conventional hairstyles and seeking a refreshing, experimental look? Try the mixie cut.

Another celebrity favourite, the mixie cut is all about edginess, individuality, and pushing boundaries. We’ve seen this built-in statement hairstyle adorning the heads of Zendaya, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Money Heist’s Úrsula Corberó.

Described by Tiffany as a mixture of a mullet and a pixie haircut, which were both trending looks in 2023, the mixie cut is made for cool, rebellious girls. Think short, dainty crops in the front with longer chunks at the back — adorable and badass at the same time.

Glossy, Velvet Hair

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @tessapeay/TikTok, @abigaillinnn/TikTok, @calistatee/TikTok

If you happened to miss it, the highly esteemed “glass hair” look is just as desirable as glass skin. Often likened to luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet, having healthy and shiny hair will always remain fashionable.

By giving your hair the same level of care and attention as you would a high-quality fabric, you can enhance your overall appearance with graceful movement and a radiant shine.

According to Jason Crozier, Art Director at Neville Hair & Beauty, as mentioned on Who What Wear, the appeal of velvety hair with glossy finishes gained popularity and was influenced by the world of high-end fashion.

The best part? Achieving velvet-like hair is possible through indulging in hair glossing treatments, following effective at-home haircare routines, or opting for professional salon colouring techniques that result in a multi-dimensional shine.

Furthermore, this trend has evolved even further with the addition of ethereal iridescent pigments. A perfect example is Glaze’s colour conditioning and semi-permanent hair dye, Super Gloss, which has gone viral on TikTok.

Baroque Bob

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @zendaya/Instagram, @frannfyne/Instagram

A fresh iteration of bob haircuts has surfaced, surprising us with its unique charm. The “baroque bob” is set to make a significant impact as a leading hair trend in the year 2024.

Tiffany mentioned how the opulent look was “prominent in the Versace runway”. Inspired by the luxury and intricate details of the Baroque era, the Baroque bob lends itself well to those with natural curls and waves.

For those without natural curls, fret not, as there are always curling wands that can help you achieve volume for your bob haircut!

Face-framing Highlights

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @sabletoothtigre/Instagram, @beyonce/Instagram, @shiseidopro_official/Instagram

For the past few years, face-framing highlights such as sunkissed highlights, rebel streaks, or money piece highlights have been the dominant trend.

“This year we will continue to see more of it as consumers are becoming more and more aware of having a highlight that is customised to their facial features,” said Tiffany.

This style is universally appealing as it accentuates facial features and adds a bold element to your overall look, resulting in a more pronounced and dimensional appearance.

This requires a lot of eye for aesthetics by the hairstylists to know where they should best place the highlights that will bring out the best facial features of each of their clients,” Tiffany remarked.

Plus, it’s relatively affordable and a seriously low-commitment way to experiment with colour compared to a full hair colour!

As part of understanding the trend and its popularity, Picasso Hair Studio launched a new highlight technique (F Highlight) which involves strategically placing eight to 10 pieces of highlights to frame the face, achieve maximum visibility, and minimise the time or damage done on the hair.

AirTouch Balayage

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @blondespa.md/TikTok, @hairbyjamess/TikTok, @xynzvlv/TikTok

Tiffany further emphasised the timeless appeal of the AirTouch Balayage.

This technique offers the perfect solution for effortlessly blending colours, whether you desire a subtle sun-kissed look or more vibrant pops of colour.

In contrast to traditional balayage methods that involve teasing and backcombing, which can potentially harm your hair, the AirTouch Balayage employs the use of air to achieve the desired outcome.

Hair Trends in 2024: Smoothing Frizzy Tresses

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credit: Bada Hair 바다 헤어 | Korean Hair Salon

Salons and haircare brands have placed great emphasis on repairing damage and taming frizzy hair, making it one of the most anticipated hair trends in 2024.

“This will always be the trend in Singapore as people love neat tidy and carefree hairstyles. Due to the high humidity in Singapore weather, frizz is the number one concern of ladies in Singapore,” said Tiffany, agreeing that smoothing frizzy tresses will never go out of trend here.

Eleonora Mazzilli, Trend Localization & Business Development Director at BEAUTYSTREAMS (a one-stop trend insights source for strategy, marketing, and product development teams worldwide) attests to this hair trend.


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“With increased awareness of hair health and the damage that can result from over-styling, exposure to heat, chemical processing, and environmental aggressors, demand for formulas that strengthen and repair damage will continue to accelerate.

Hair repair agents like hydrolysed proteins, biomimetic peptides, or ceramides, that act on the hair shaft and reinforce inner bonds, strengthen scalp health, and restore hair cuticle shine and softness while shielding locks from external damage open the way for new hair repair product developments,” BEAUTYSTREAMS noted.

Hair Trends in 2024: Natural Waves and Curls

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credits: @oliviacalabio/Instagram, @andreventurrr/TikTok

Contrary to popular belief, soft and natural waves are just as trendy as sleek and straight hair.

BEAUTYSTREAMS noted that “While historically a large segment of the population with textured hair has preferred straight hair, which has led to smoothing frizzy tresses, the natural hair movement is revving up as people across the globe are embracing their natural hair texture.”.

Additionally, BEAUTYSTREAMS added that “natural hairstyles such as locs, twists, braids, and Afros have become synonymous with creativity and symbols of freedom”. As a result, this empowering trend within the hair industry presents an opportunity to embrace and celebrate hair diversity and inclusivity even more.

Hair Trends in 2024: Skin-hair Hybrid Formulas

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction (left) and Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist (right).

The market for haircare products that offer both beneficial properties and nourishment is witnessing notable growth. From the era of 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners, hybrid and multi-tasking products have undergone significant advancements.

BEAUTYSTREAMS further noted that now brands are combining multiple formats and offering a myriad of benefits in a single formula — skin-hair hybrid formulas that blur the lines between haircare and skincare are creating a revolution in the industry.

“Following the movement largely established in the makeup and skincare categories, do-it-all hair care products are growing in popularity, as minimalist-minded consumers streamline their routines, to save time and reduce consumption,” BEAUTYSTREAMS shared.

Hair Trends in 2024: the Use of AI

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Credit: Daily Vanity

You may have observed how brands and hair salons are embracing the trend of artificial intelligence (AI) with enthusiasm (and rightfully so!).

For example, certain salons are leveraging AI to assist customers in discovering the perfect style and colour that suits them best, be it through hair colour simulations or skin tone analysis.

“This is a strategic move as this is riding on the AI trend that is up and rising not only in the hair industry but also in other industries.

This will greatly help to better let customers know what styles are best suited for them and minimise the chances of having a non-suitable haircut,” Tiffany said.


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And staying right on trend, Picasso Hair Studio has a proprietary app that analyses one’s facial and body features to pick one of the nine hair personality types. This means the customer will get to figure out what’s the best hair colour, tones, length, curls, and more!

“We think that smart tech will strongly drive personalisation in hair salons. This is the age of digital hair consultations, with hair salons turning to smart technologies to build a more engaging salon experience and provide personalised customer service,” remarked BEAUTYSTREAMS.

Of course, AR and AI try-ons will heighten the hair salon experience and let consumers try various hairstyles out before a real-life commitment!

Plus, BEAUTYSTREAMS added that these “AI-powered, in-salon consultations can also direct consumers to hair products and regimens that are just right for them”, along with providing ongoing education for hairstylists.

Hair Trends in 2024: the “Skinification” of Haircare

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum (left) and Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask (right).

Based on BEAUTYSTREAMS’ calculations and predictions, there will be a shift from functional to high-end, skincare-style haircare products.

“Mirroring the “skintellectual” movement in the skin care industry, a healthy scalp and healthy hair have become a prime goal for consumers. No longer just a commodity, the hair care market is evolving to take on both a skin-first approach and a premium upgrade.

With consumers becoming increasingly savvy and knowledge-thirsty about the exact ingredients found in products, the “skinification” of haircare is accelerating. This is seen in hair care-skin care hybrid products that focus on scalp health, while also protecting and strengthening hair,” said BEAUTYSTREAMS.

Additionally, there is also a rise in sophisticated haircare formulas boosted by ingredients commonly found in skincare, alongside products inspired by skincare rituals and facial cosmetic application techniques.

From haircare claims and textures to concepts and marketing language, it seems like the hair industry is taking cues from the skincare category.

Hair Trends in 2024: More Awareness and Better Treatments for Hair Loss

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

Yun Nam Hair Care FASTGro™ Hair & Scalp Treatment. Credit: Daily Vanity

Despite the growing support for body positivity and inclusivity, hair loss still faces a negative stigma.

The focus on physical appearance and attractiveness remains prominent on social media, where having thick, shiny, and healthy hair is still seen as a sign of youth and beauty.

“Thanks to the latest scientific research and technological advancements, we see that this condition is receiving significant attention, with new methods being developed to treat it and solutions that address the multifactorial causes of hair loss.

We expect to see brands offering online medical hair consultations and assessments, as well as hair-growth products to help normalise hair loss and empower consumers to be proactive about their hair health through conversation, education, and expert-backed products,” stated BEAUTYSTREAMS.


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It was also brought up that ingredients like exomes hold promise for the treatment and prevention of hair loss as they work to stimulate the hair follicles.

BEAUTYSTREAMS added, “Regenerative therapies powered by exosomes are slowly emerging, offering great potential for the hair care industry.”.

Hair Trends in 2024: High-quality Haircare at Home

Since the pandemic began, the trend of accomplishing tasks from the comfort of home has gained immense popularity. Consider the convenience of achieving professional-grade outcomes without the expenses or hassle of visiting a hair salon.

In the present time and for the foreseeable future, customers greatly appreciate clinical and dermatological expertise when seeking a solution-oriented approach.

“In response, while there tends to be less innovation in hair care and styling appliances in comparison to the skincare devices market, we expect that advances in technology will open a path to growth for brands to offer high-tech and high-performing at-home hair care tools and devices,” BEAUTYSTREAMS said.


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BEAUTYSTREAMS asserted that brands will be capitalising on the intersection of haircare and aesthetics by investing in “treatments inspired by professional services, with high-tech devices offering derma-grade diagnoses of scalp health and hair growth”.

“The movement towards tech-backed diagnoses will elevate consumers’ hair rituals by protecting their locks from damage, offering quick and precise results, and enhancing various hair types and styles,” BEAUTYSTREAMS added.

Hair Trends in 2024: Convenience Above All Else

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush (left) and Supergoop Poof 100% mineral part powder (right). Credits: @saraitbeauty/TikTok, @supergoop/TikTok.

Consumers, with their busy and fast-paced lives, are reluctant to spend excessive time or effort on any activity. Consequently, these time-strapped individuals are in search of hair care products that offer greater efficiency.

“Efficiency-driven, fast-acting formulations, leave-in or no-rinse concepts, alongside portable packaging and on-the-go formats will continue to pop up to meet consumer demand for flexible hair care solutions, beyond the classic dry shampoo.

With the crossover between health, wellness, and beauty rising, brands also consider consumers with active lifestyles in their product development, with dedicated formulas that boast sweat-resistant or odour-fighting claims, alongside functional and portable formats for pre and post-workout,” BEAUTYSTREAMS noted.

Hair Trends in 2024: Sustainability, Always

Although Tiffany noted that there is no predominant technology that will take centre stage in 2024, “the trend for more natural ingredients will continue to be the main focus as people become more aware of the nature of harmful chemicals that will indirectly cause them health issues”.

Adding on, BEAUTYSTREAMS agreed that eco and sustainable haircare is thrust into the mainstream since “eco-anxiety is at an all-time high and is leading to changes in consumer purchase behaviours”.

“Consumers now expect brands to make serious commitments related to climate change. From ethically sourced ingredients to environmentally friendly products and packaging, through to carbon reduction and water resource preservation, eco credentials and sustainable practices are slated to dominate the hair care market for the foreseeable future,” BEAUTYSTREAMS explained.

Therefore, it is evident that an increasing number of haircare brands are exploring novel formats and techniques to establish new hair care routines and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

This includes the use of compostable materials, plastic-free products, refillable and reusable packaging, as well as implementing recycling initiatives to cater to the global demand for eco-friendly and socially responsible hair care products.

hair trends 2024, haircare trends 2024

AROMATICA Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner Bar (left) and The Powder Shampoo Strengthening & Soothing Powder Shampoo For Normal & Sensitive Scalps (left).

Furthermore, it is logical for brands to embrace solid, waterless, and zero-waste haircare products. These innovative solutions not only help in reducing energy consumption but also contribute to the conservation of water resources and the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Additionally, they play a significant role in minimising unnecessary and harmful packaging materials.

“Water-conscious hair care is likely to be a long-term trend as sustainability concerns continue to be a major purchase decision-making factor, which opens new paths of product formats including solid care, water-activated powders, capsule formats, and concentrated formulations,” added BEAUTYSTREAMS.

Feature image credit: @beyonce/Instagram, @xynzvlv/TikTok, @tessapeay/TikTok