Dyson launches new straightener that allows you to straighten your hair while it’s still wet

By Zachary Lim
12 May, 2023

Dyson has embarked on a yet another groundbreaking project that blew our minds (and hair), set to be available in Malaysia soon: the Airstrait straightener.

Some of us may be familiar with their Corrale straightener – which, though revolutionary – still incorporates the use of hot plates in its design.

The Airstrait straightener, on the other hand, utilises airflow technology, which they perfected with the Airwrap, to iron out kinks in the tress.

The main draw that makes this invention groundbreaking: the ability to straighten hair while it is still wet.

The Dyson Airstrait straightener

Using precision air jets that are expelled from two 1.5mm apertures along the arms of the device, air is blasted out in high-velocity downward blades, at a 45-degree angle, to straighten hair.

With normal hot plate flat irons, water content in the hair (when it’s wet) will start boiling, making it damaging. This is the reason why conventional straighteners cannot be used on wet hair.

When your hair is exposed to intense heat, the hydrogen and disulfide bonds that influences hair strength, breaks, resulting in broken and damaged fibres, explained by one of the Dyson engineers.

What’s most revolutionary about the Dyson Airstrait is that it does not incorporate high heat and can be used on wet hair.

But, how is this possible?

This is all thanks to their trademarked Hyperdymium motor installed within the machine that spins a 13-blade impeller at a whopping 106,000 rotations per minute; the compact and slim device is able to generate enough power and strength to dry and straighten in little time.

It naturally also features the intelligent heat control technology that is also present in the Corrale and Airwrap, to prevent extreme heat damage and protect your hair’s natural shine.

This is made possible by glass bead thermistors that measure the temperature of the air fed to your hair, up to 16 times a second.

Settings available

A “wet” function can be selected when you use the Airstrait on wet hair. It comes pre-set with three heat and airflow settings, for optimal performance: 80°C, 110°C, and 140°C.

The “dry” function, designed for straightening dry hair, comes preset at 120°C and 140°C.

Finally, it also comes with a “Cool” function that locks your style in place once you are done with your straightening experience.

You can also toggle between a low and high flow speed setting, and the cold shot, and root drying modes.

The Dyson Airstrait will launch in USA, Canada and Mexico first, before touching down on international grounds. There isn’t a confirmed date of launch for the Malaysia market yet. Its price is also yet to be announced.