Imagine this: laying on a bed of roses in an absolutely tranquil state. Enticing? Well, the latest beauty product that caught our attention can do that for you and make you smell like roses 24/7.

These rose capsules are a body odour treatment supplement that lends you and your body a refreshing, pleasant, and elegant rose scent from head to toe!

For those who sweat easily (practically almost everyone in scorching Malaysia), taking this rose supplement may banish any worries about smelling bad.

dhc rose supplement

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And for those who have tried everything to treat body odour issues but to no avail, these rose supplements may just be your answer.

Plus, spritzing layers and layers of perfume or cologne does not work when you’re trying to mask foul scents.

What’s all the buzz about the DHC Fragrant Bulgarian Rose Supplement?

dhc rose supplement

Made with the highest quality damask rose oil from “the queen of roses” (Bulgarian rose), this little but mighty supplement can help to mask bad odours.

The vitamin E ingredient present also helps to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin.

One bag of rose supplements contains approximately 850 roses with concentrated natural fragrance ingredients like geraniol and citronellol that are derived from rose oil.

Geraniol is a major component of oil in citronella. And citronellol is a volatile fragrance chemical extracted from geranium, rose, and other plants, with a grassy, citrus-like scent.

It has a reputation for boosting energy, easing headaches, and reducing muscle spasms. When used topically or cosmetically, citronellol essential oil can deodorise and refresh body odours, eliminate head and body lice, slow the look of ageing, and improve the skin’s absorption of moisture.


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In Katie Lu’s (@babycyborg777) TikTok video, a user commented about their travels to Japan and noticed how every girl there smelled like roses. Apart from floral beauty products, they could very well be using DHC’s rose supplements too!

After all, DHC is also known for its other range of supplements that includes collagen, vitamin C, and more.

Are there any side effects from taking these odour-masking capsules?

dhc rose supplement

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Other than 100% natural damask rose, the DHC Fragrant Bulgarian Rose Supplement also contains olive oil manufactured in Spain, gelatin (non-Halal), glycerin, and vitamin E.

So unless you’re allergic to any of these ingredients, there shouldn’t be any bad reactions from taking these rose supplements. However, should you feel any discomfort or abnormal activity in your body after consuming, do stop and consult a healthcare provider if it gets severe.

There are precautions to take note of. It’s recommended to take only two capsules each day, with cold or lukewarm water, which has the right amount of rose oil for our bodies.

Since the DHC rose supplements are made of natural ingredients, there may be slight colour differences but this will not affect its quality. These capsules will also have to be kept out of direct sunlight and from spots with high temperatures.

For those who are taking any other medications, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding, always consult your doctor before consuming any sort of supplements.

DHC Fragrant Bulgarian Rose Supplement Reviews


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With an impressive 5-star rating on Shopee Singapore from 49 buyers, this rose supplement seems to be a good investment. Meanwhile, on Lazada Malaysia, 20 buyers have rated this DHC rose supplement 5 stars too.

Satisfied customers have shared that the supplement was able to get rid of or reduce their body odour, leaving their bodies smelling great. Some even added on about how the supplement leaves a very fragrant rose taste in the mouth and is a good value-for-money product.

However, on TikTok, reviews are more scattered. Some swear by the rose capsules while others said the supplement didn’t work for them at all. One user did share that she doesn’t have body odour but still tried the rose supplements and didn’t see much difference.

With all that in mind, DHC’s Bulgarian rose supplements may only work best for those with body odour, since it’s a product to target specific concerns.

If you’re into gardening, you’ll know that not all roses smell like roses. In this case, everyone’s bodies are different and may respond differently when natural oils are introduced.

DHC Fragrant Bulgarian Rose Supplement (40 capsules for 2 days) retails for RM46 at Lazada and for RM97.44 at YesStyle.

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