Beauty gurus on TikTok never seem to fail us with their creativity when it comes to creating beauty hacks.

There’s a new kid on the block of blush hacks and we can say we’re definitely surprised by this one.

From the using a blue blush to matching your lipstick to your blush, we’ve done many wild things to get a natural flush. This new trend however will have you using your creative juices.


an ethereal flush of aura blush with @glossier cloud paint ☁️ #glossierpartner

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“Aura blush” is the name that has been dubbed for this new trend and we’re loving the way it looks.

Tiktok user @aoifeartist shows how she uses three different colours of blush to make her “aura” blend.

Similarly to the “aura nails” trend we’ve covered, this blush trend requires you to blend various colours in a circular motion. This way, the gradient of colours bloom outwards from the centre.

Why should you try “aura blush”

Photo source: @aoifeartist/TikTok and @nesmates/TikTok

Aside from the many TikTok users who are showing their adoration for this trend, the pictures above does as much justice to show how gorgeous it is.

Because you’ll be mixing different blush shades for one look, you’ll get a multi-dimensional flush that adds depth to your looks.

It’s also really fun and satisfying to blend your own colours together to make a gradient that’s suited to your vibe and your skin tone.

If you prefer a girly and sweet look you can go for a mix of pink, red, and orange and if you’re going for a more sophisticated and alluring vibe you can mix mauves, purples, and maroons.

The possibilities are endless with this blush trend and we think that it’s the perfect way to spice up your makeup routine.

How to achieve “aura blush”

Step 1: Pick your three shades

Photo source: @nesmates/TikTok and @aoifeartist/TikTok

“Aura blush” is a typically a blend of three colours and you can try more but we’ll recommend that you to start with three to experiment with first.

Pick anything you like! Go for whatever suits you and the occasion you’ll be wearing the blush for.

All you need to do is ensure that among the three blushes there is one light coloured blush, one dark coloured blush, and one bright coloured blush.

They can be from the same colour family or from totally different ones. For example if you want a full pink flush, you can try a baby pink blush, a dark pink, and a neon pink shade.

Or if you want a more obvious “aura”, you can pick a baby pink blush, a deep mauve one, and an orange shade.

Play around with the colours you have and try everything before you decide on a blend that works well for you.

Step 2: Light blush

Photo source: @aoifeartist/TikTok

Take the lightest blush you have and spread it across your cheeks. The lightest shade will act as a base for the entire blend.

Whether you decide to apply it on your cheekbones for a mini “face lift” or on your lower cheeks to give yourself a fuller face look, make sure that you spread the light blush out as widely as you can.

Step 3: Dark blush

Photo source: @ttmaryana/TikTok and @aoifeartist/TikTok

Dab just a dot of the dark blush on top of the base you’ve just created. Make sure you don’t use too much product as the dark pigments might cover up the light blush below it.

Once you’ve made that dot, blend the dark blush outwards in a circular motion.

Ensure that the circle you diffuse the blush into is not that big so that it doesn’t cover up the base.

Step 3: Bright blush

Photo source: @aoifeartist/TikTok and @nesmates/TikTok

Now comes the time for you to use the blush that will add the finishing touch to this next-level flush.

You’ll only need one dot of bright blush. Make sure to apply it in the centre of the dark blush circle before blending it out with your finger.

Step 4: Blend and “seal”

Photo source: @aoifeartist/TikTok

You can either use a small, dense brush or your finger to blend everything out. Make sure you’re blending in circular motions from the centre outwards.

Once you’re satisfied with the blend, you can take the optional step of sealing the blend in.

Grab a liquid highlighter and spread it gently over the blend. Try to use a highlighter that has little to no pigmentation. This optional step is to give your flush a dewy glow.

That’s all the steps for “aura blush”. Play around with the colours and the placement of the entire gradient to find what suits you best!

Products you’ll need for “aura blush”

Pick a liquid or cream blush for a more obvious pigmentation. If you want a softer gradient then reach out for your powder blushes.

Some TikTok users even used eyeshadows to replace the blushes to achieve a more vibrant and striking look.

We personally recommend that you use a liquid blush for this trend since its texture makes it a lot easier to blend out with your fingers.

If your blush collection doesn’t have a diverse colour range for you to execute this trend, here are some blushes we love.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

One cannot talk about blushes without mentioning Rare Beauty. Everyone on every social media platform has been singing praises about this liquid blush for the longest time.

It has a highly-pigmented and long lasting formula so you’ll only need less than a dot for every step of this trend.

Other than its fantastic formula, there is also a range of colours for you to pick from. If you want purple, go for Faith, and if you’re looking for orange, Radiant is the one.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush retails for RM98, available at Sephora.

Glossier Cloud Paint

This is the blush that most TikTok users have been using for their “aura blush” look.

Packaged in a paint tube-like bottle, this is a product will definitely make you feel like an artist.

This gel-cream blush feels satisfying as you rub it into your skin. It’s sheer upon application so you’ll have no trouble diffusing it out.

It even has Special Blurring pigments to give your flush a soft focus effect that blurs out your uneven textures and pores.

There are yellow, orange, pink, and red shades for you to pick up.

Glossier Cloud Paint retails for S$20 (~RM90.21), available at Glossier

A’PIEU Juicy-Pang Water Blusher

For an extra dewy finish this water blusher will give you a cheek look that resembles jelly-like candy.

Its formula is highly-pigmented and blendable so you can create a seamless “aura blush” gradient that’s long-lasting.

Unlike the other two blushes that give you a more obvious stain, this blush has a sheer finish. One swipe of each shade and you’ll feel as if you’re painting your cheeks with watercolour paint.

You’re definitely spoilt for choice with the colour range that A’PIEU has to offer. There are purples, corals, pinks, reds, and nudes of various shades for you to pick from.

A’PIEU Juicy-Pang Water Blusher retails for RM50.18, available at Yesstyle

Featured image credit: @ttmaryana/TikTok, @aoifeartist/TikTok, and @nesmates/TikTok