Fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since Netflix announced the release of Sweet Home 2 in early December last year.

One actress in particular, Lee Si-young, a 41-year-old actress has caught everyone’s attention with her amazing muscular physique that has left many in awe and admiration.

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Her perfectly toned silhouette, especially her remarkable back muscles, which some have even described as having a uniquely attractive masculine charm.

If you’re curious about how Lee Si-young keeps her strong and fit physique, you’re not alone. Her workout routine has become a hot topic and now you’re in luck because we’ve got all the deeds you need!

Have A Well-Rounded Diet

Lee Si-young maintains a well-rounded diet, focusing on consuming whole foods like apples, hard-boiled eggs, beef, seafood, and vegetables. This ensures a sufficient intake of vitamins and protein. Plus, she also includes bananas in her post-morning run routine to refuel her energy levels.

Try Boxing For a Change

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In 2010, Lee Si-young discovered her passion for boxing while preparing for a film role. This unexpected interest led her to become a professional boxer, earning the nickname “Iron Barbie.” Her background in boxing explains how she handled the adrenaline-fueled scenes in Sweet Home 2 effortlessly.

Run For Your Life or Run To Stay Fit

Lee Si-young is a massive running enthusiast. She adores going for morning runs every single day and even arranges running squads that cover distances of up to ten kilometres, two to three times per week. On top of that, she consistently participates in running competitions, demonstrating her immense passion for staying active.

It serves as a gentle nudge that physical activity can bring joy and be a fulfilling endeavor for anyone.

High-Intensity Weight Training

In order to stay fit, she dedicates herself to weight training. With the guidance of professional trainers, she performs high-intensity workouts meticulously, resulting in comprehensive muscle development and increased strength.

She even works out on set, which is something not many celebrities we’ve known do!

Hiking and Swimming

In addition to her running routine and weight training regimen, Lee Si-young incorporates fat-burning activities such as hiking and swimming into her fitness routine. Committed to staying fit, she goes hiking at least twice a week, showing her dedication to physical fitness.

Source: @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Lee Si-young’s dedication to shaping her muscular body shows how serious she is about her work. As she keeps impressing people with her acting, her focus on staying fit shows how talented and determined she is. So, if you’re planning to build muscle or just stay fit, we hope her fitness routine would be an inspiration to you!

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