YoonA is a familiar face to K-pop fans. The Girls’ Generation band member is currently making waves again with her performance in new K-drama, King The Land.

Playing a hotel employee with a bright and bubbly personality, YoonA’s appearance seems to be frozen in time compared to her debut days with the girl band.

Having been in the industry for 16 years now, the 33-year-old continues to received praise for her appearance that has been described as “angelic” and “goddess-like”. She has also been referred to by fans as the “K-pop top visual”.

Photo source: yoona__lim/Instagram

Juggling an acting and singing career as a solo artist can be tiring, but YoonA seems to be able to maintain her youthful and glowing skin outside of her busy schedule.

Photo source: yoona__lim/Instagram

So, what’s YoonA’s secret to achieving her timeless beauty? We set out to unearth everything YoonA has done for her skin over the years so we can all take down notes and learn from her!

YoonA practises sun protection

When we think of skincare, many of us think of using the right toners, serums, or cleansers to keep our skin looking smooth and supple. While all those products are crucial, arguably the most important product to incorporate in your daily skincare routine is the sunscreen. This is due to the insidiously harmful effects that the Sun’s UV rays has on our skin.

In fact, there have been photos that illustrate the striking effects of sunscreen application. These photos prove that sunscreen is a very important ally to our anti-ageing routine.

Without sunscreen, you’ll be more prone to having unsightly sunspots and dry skin. Like us, YoonA spends a lot of time in the sun and applies sunscreen prior to her usual makeup routine.

If you anticipate spending extra long hours under the scorching heat on any given day, be sure to give yourself an added layer of protection by getting yourself a sunhat or beach hat, just like YoonA has done here.

Photo source: yoona__lim/Instagram

She double-cleanses and follows up with a volcanic face mask

While the 33-year-old idol has previously mentioned in interviews that she doesn’t keep track of the exact steps of her skincare routine, she’s shared that proper and thorough cleansing is crucial to her.

Firstly, she uses the double-cleansing routine that was popularised in South Korea and has served as a mainstay in numerous K-beauty rituals.

Photo source: yoona__lim/Instagram

To practice double-cleansing, you should typically start of with an oil-based product such as a cleansing oil or balm. This helps to slough away the first layer of dirt and impurities on your face. Once done, give your skin a second cleanse by using a water-based foam, gel, or micellar water to remove any remnants of makeup, sunscreen, and other impurities.

Not only will this two-step routine ensure that your face is thoroughly cleaned, it also helps to to exfoliate, brighten and rehydrate your skin.

YoonA also occasionally puts on a volcanic mask whenever she feels that her pores need a deeper cleanse.

As volcanic masks are rich in minerals that can control sebum production while minimising the appearance of clogged pores, we’re a big fan of using them ourselves.

She uses a night serum

Photo source: yoona__lim/Instagram

What’s a key ingredient to achieving YoonA’s stunning complexion? The Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum (RM640) by Estee Lauder.

She uses the serum right before going to sleep, massaging it into her skin to help it absorb deeply. She’s mentioned in prior interviews that it makes her feels as though she’s giving herself a professional care treatment from home.

With the brand’s Chronolux™ Power Signal Technology, this serum acts as an anti-aging serum to increase skin’s natural repair ability for visible renewal and fewer fine lines. It also works on all skin types, and could leave your skin looking younger, more radiant, and even toned.

She “cocktails” her skincare products to achieve moisturised skin

Without adequate hydration, Korean celebrities like YoonA won’t be able to maintain their dewy looks that enable them to get away with just applying light BB cream on a daily basis.

Photo source: yoona__lim/Instagram

This is why it’s unsurprising that YoonA has maintained her stance on moisturiser as being highly important for her throughout the years. As a brand ambassador of Innisfree, she favours one of their all-time bestsellers, the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.

However, did you know that she also employs a “cocktail” technique by mixing different ratios oil, serum, and cream to give her skin the appropriate moisture it needs?

When the weather is humid, such as in the case of our summers here, she uses more serum and less cream. For dryer seasons, opt for less serum, more cream, and a few extra drops of facial oil if your skin feels particularly dry, like what YoonA does.

She also likes to give her skin a little hydration boost by spritzing some face mist whenever it starts feeling dry throughout the day.

She doesn’t diet but prefers to eat cleaner foods

Fellow girl group member Yuri posted a video back in 2021 on her channel, featuring YoonA. The pair documented their entertaining cooking session, where they made chicken breast Pho and vegetable spring rolls.

Photo source: yurihanTV/YouTube

As they caught up over their meal, YoonA admitted that she “really likes Pho rice noodles”, and that whenever someone asks her what she likes to eat, her answer is always pho.

Calling herself a “Pho-fanatic,” the Prime Minister & I actress revealed that she “would always order Pho noodles whenever they were at the airport,” presumably referring to the days when Girls’ Generation went on tour.

Photo source: yurihanTV/YouTube

Yuri concurred, saying “Yes, I think you did,” as she recalled YoonA’s love for the Vietnamese noodle dish.

As pho is loaded with lean meats and vegetables that provide a ton of nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin C, K, E and more, we can see how this tasty dish could have also played a contributing factor to the idol’s clear skin as well.

Yuri went on to add, “Now that I think about it, YoonA prefers to eat food that aren’t fattening, like chicken breasts,” to which YoonA nodded and replied, “A lot of people think I go for these types of foods because I’m on a diet, but I’m not. I really do like these foods.”

So while it’s good to prioritise a comprehensive skincare regimen when you’re looking to achieve idol-like skin like YoonA’s, it’s equally essential not to neglect your healthy eating habits as well!

Featured image credit: yoona__lim/Instagram