Who doesn’t dream of having perfect, effortlessly natural-looking skin?

We’re all on a quest for that “your skin but better” look, and the beauty industry has our backs with products that promise a skin-like finish, even incorporating skincare benefits!

But what if we told you there’s a makeup secret that can help you get that natural look without your usual foundation and concealer routine? It’s called the ‘Demi Method.’

We recently came across a TikTok video by @paigesevier, who introduces the concept of ‘Demi Makeup.’ With just four easy steps and a bit of practice, you could achieve a truly minimal makeup base!

What Is The ‘Demi Method’?


Comparing after demi contour (left) and before demi contour (right).

This method is all about using complementary colours (opposite hues on the colour wheel) to even out your skin without traditional makeup textures. Often referred to as micro-concealing, this colour correction method creates the illusion of wearing no makeup at all.

According to Paige, you’re only using about 5% makeup on your face, and you’re doing it with highly pigmented, opaque products. The best part? It’s suitable for all skin tones, ages, and complexities!

How to Execute the ‘Demi Method’ Makeup Technique?

Step 1: Restoring or Balancing Your Skin Tone

Rather than brightening all those darker areas, you’ll find it’s easier to add a bit of depth to the lighter zones. Paige uses two different colours, a neutral red and a neutral violet, to add some colour to areas that appear too yellow or greenish.


Step 2: Adding Definition to Your Face with Contour

Contouring isn’t mandatory, but if you want to dial up your face’s dimensions, you can use those same toning shades to add some subtle nose contouring.


Step 3: Adding Blush to Bring Colour to Your Skin

Before diving into colour correction, add some blush to your cheeks. You might be pleasantly surprised to see you don’t have as much to conceal as you thought.


Step 4: Filtering and Eliminating Unwanted Imperfections

This step takes time as you play with different brushes and shades to balance out various tones on your face.

For the eyes, you’ll use a smaller brush to neutralise the greenish areas with a dash of neutral red. Try this trick: sit in front of a window and move your head around to spot any pesky shadows.


Apply a neutral yellow to the purple pockets under your eyes.


You can use a neutral violet around your eyes and along the lash line.


For acne, she doesn’t go with the usual green. Instead, she uses a yellow-orange shade for red blemishes.


For those blemishes transitioning into scars with a bluish tint, use a combination of light and dark orange shades to conceal them.

The final touch? A bit of face balm for that dewy glow!


So, will you give this technique a try for your next makeup routine?

Featured image credit: @paigesevier/TikTok.