Let’s face it, can we ever have too many tricks to achieve those luscious, full, and irresistibly glossy lips? Bonus points if it’s a fast, easy-peasy routine!

If you’re aiming for fuller, more even-looking lips, ditch the single-step lipstick routine and adopt these four simple yet effective steps shared by TikTok creator, @jessyluxe!


Comparison of regular lips (top) and lips enhanced with the plump lip technique (bottom).

How to Achieve a Plumper Lip Effect in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sculpting Your Lip Contours

Grab a lip liner of your choice and contour the top of your cupid’s bow, bottom, and outer corners of your lips.


Define the shape of the cupid’s bow.


Define the shape of your lower lip.


Make your lips look wider and fuller by extending the sides.

Step 2: Establishing a Soft Base Lip Shape

Use a lip cream matching your lip liner’s shade to shape the base of your lips. Lip cream formulas are ideal for blending, ensuring a seamless finish compared to other options.


Apply the product on the inner section of your lips.


Apply the product onto the areas where you outlined the lips earlier.

Step 3: Softening and Blurring Harsh Lines

With a brush, gently smudge the edges of your lips, creating a more ambiguous endpoint. This simple step adds fullness to your lips effortlessly!


Step 4: Achieving the Plumped Lip Look

To enhance the plumpness of your lips, apply a lip plumper of your choice. Choose one with a warming, plumping effect rather than a painful, stinging sensation.


And there you have it! Instantly fuller lips, and the cherry on top? It’s a speedy and efficient process that elevates your entire lip routine!


Where to Find the Products She Used?

  • rom&nd Han All Sharp Brow (W2 Mild Woody) retails for RM55 on WOOH.
  • Kaleidos Makeup Cloud Lab Lip Clay (NU09 Pink Himalayan) retails for RM62 on Shopee.
  • Sireni Beauty Lip Alchemy Lip Plumper With Visiplump retails for US$20 (~RM69.41) on Sireni Beauty. Currently, Sireni Beauty does not offer direct shipping of the Sireni Beauty Lip Alchemy Lip Plumper With Visiplump to Malaysia. We recommend considering parcel-forwarding services like MyUS to get your hands on this product.

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Featured image credit: @jessyluxe/TikTok.