We frequently catch ourselves wondering, “Is it actually good? Or are people just overhyping it?” when something goes viral on social media these days.

So when we heard that the RM23 Sheglam Pout-Perfect Shine Lip Plumper, has been making the rounds on TikTok for giving an ultra-juicy lip effect, we knew we had to find our for ourselves which of this was the case.


I don‘t think my lips ever looked this juicy! @SHEGLAM #sheglamlipplumper #sheglampartner #SHEGLAM AD

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In fact, some reviewers on the Shein site have touted that its the perfect dupe for Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Lip, which retails for just under RM110 on Sephora. That’s almost five times the price of the alleged dupe from Shein.

So, does the glossy lip plumper live up to the hype? And is it actually safe to use? Here’s what we found.

It gives a juicy, water-like lip effect

As seen on user @hayleybuix, the glosses have an incredible shine to them both when swatched and on the lips, giving it a reflective water-like look.

Credit: @cakefacereviews/TikTok

Upon first application of the Pout-Perfect Shine Lip Plumper, the colour is already visible on the lips, though the effect is akin to a regular satin lipstick or tinted lip balm. After the second or third swipe, that’s when it gets exponentially glossier.

Credit: Shein

The brand also claims it provides a painless plumping finish that gives your lips a fuller look. As to whether it actually does so, reviewers are divided. Some commented that while the added volume of their lips is definitely noticeable, the effect errs on the subtle side.

It is however, indeed as moisturising as it looks, due to the nourishing coconut oil included in its formula. So dry-lip girlies on the hunt for a suitable lip product—this might be one worth getting.

The packaging and shade range

Shein’s lip plumper comes in a packaging that’s similar to the Tarte version — a sleek tube with the same click mechanism, but with a holographic exterior instead. As the lip plumper is non-retractable, make sure to only dispense the amount you need during each use.

Available in six colours, some of the Sheglam glosses are also comparable to the options from Tarte.

The Pout-Perfect Shine Lip Plumper in “Pink Flamingo”, a mauve-pink is a near-exact dupe of  the Juicy Lip in “Primrose”. For classic Barbie pink lips, go for “Makin Me Blush”, which is similar to “Blossom”. Peachy colours are also a favourite in many juicy-lip products, so you can’t go wrong with one from Sheglam, like “In Bloom”, which is the closest shade to Tarte’s “Peachy Beige”.

Credit: rice flower/Xiao Hong Shu

The most popular shade in the affordable line however, is “Sepia Kiss”, a gorgeous rich crimson red that will give your lips that just bitten look. One Shein reviewer wrote, “It is like a tinted lip balm but better. Buttery soft with a nice shine and the colour Sepia Kiss is great for everyday natural use.”

You might have to layer up some of the more wearable colours, such as “Walk on the beach” a few times to get the full colour payoff, but it’s perfect if prefer your lippies to be more on the more buildable side anyway.

Is Sheglam makeup safe to use?

With the almost too-good-to-be-true price tag, it’s natural to wonder just how safe the Pout-Perfect Shine Lip Plumpers are. Thankfully, it appears you don’t have anything to worry about.

Shein’s cosmetics are said to be 100% cruelty free and vegan, which means it tends to contain more skin-friendly ingredients and fewer chemicals. As with most other products under this category, they derive ingredients mostly from plants, like vegetable glycerin, or oils, from crops such as corn plants.

If you’re thinking of purchasing any other products from the brand, be rest assures that their cosmetic products are also 100% talc free, which means any products in powder form don’t contain the ingredient, Talc, that’s been linked to the cancer-causing asbestos in some studies.

They’re also said to be paraben free-and gluten-free.

Sheglam Pout-Perfect Shine Lip Plumper retails for RM23 and is available at Shein.

Featured image credit: rice flower/Xiao Hong Shu, @beansforfun/TikTok