Spraying on your signature scent before leaving the house gives you the boost of confidence you need to take on your day. However, it can be pretty frustrating when it seems to vanish swiftly instead of lasting a couple of hours.

Given the often substantial investment we make in perfumes, it’s particularly disheartening when the scent doesn’t endure on your skin. Fortunately, beauty TikTokers have popularised a hack that tackles this longstanding issue. Give it a try!


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Intrigued? We’ll break down exactly why and how it works.

How creating a “perfume prison” for your scents makes them last longer

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Known as a process of oxidation, fragrance maceration facilitates the evaporation of alcohol in a new bottle of perfume. While this process usually takes place during the production stage in factories, at times, some perfumes require a tab bit more maceration after purchase.

Consider it akin to the act of aerating a bottle of fine wine by pouring it out. This enables the wine to breathe, allowing its aromatic compounds to be released after having been confined in the bottle.

Surprisingly, the process of macerating your fragrance is pretty similar! By introducing some oxygen to your fragrance, this enables it to age beautifully, ensuring a longer wear time.

Steps for macerating your perfumes

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If you have a fairly new bottle of perfume that you’ve only worn once or a couple times, uncap it and tuck it away in a cool and dark place like a cabinet for a couple of weeks. TikToker @scentedmind, who brought the trend to life, recommends leaving it in there for about four weeks.

Following this period, the scent will intensify and its colour will deepen slightly, leaving you with the desired fragrance you’re after. As beauty and lifestyle influencer Tisha shared, a TikTok-viral perfume that she owns go from “lasting maybe an hour, to lasting four to five hours”, all thanks to this hack.

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Whatever you do, don’t leave your perfumes in a hot and humid place such as a bathroom, as this is not an ideal environment for them!

Featured image credit: @fragr4nces and @scentedmind/ TikTok