Besides eyelash curlers and mascaras, more lash products are finding their way into our makeup bags: eyelash serums, magnetic eyeliners to make attaching falsies as simple as gently placing them onto the eyelid, as well as even eyelash conditioners for the healthiest-looking lashes. Admit it – lashes always succeed in bringing that extra twinkle to our eyes, which is why we’re so obsessed with them.

Since we’re not leaving our eyelashes alone anytime soon, many of us are turning to lash lifts or extensions to enjoy longer and curlier lashes every day using as few makeup products as possible.

We’re way past asking whether or not we should get an eyelash lift or extension. The real questions arise: what’s the difference between lash lifts and extensions in Malaysia? And how do you decide what’s best for you?

Lash lift in Malaysia

A lash lift in Malaysia involves curling the lashes using a shaping rod and lifting formula.

lash lift vs extensions singapore - lash lift

What usually happens is that a silicone raised and curved rod is placed on the eyelid, an adhesive is applied to the rod, then lashes are lifted so that they stick to the rod. The lash technician will then apply lifting formulas to the lashes so that they soften and become more elastic as well as able to keep the shape.

Lash extension in Malaysia

On the other hand, lash extensions in Malaysia glue artificial eyelashes over your natural ones. Unlike strip eyelashes that place an entire band of false eyelashes over your natural lashes, lash extensions adhere individual artificial lashes one by one over each of your natural hairs, so that they also look more real.

lash lift vs extension singapore - eyelash extension

Although you can’t do a lash extension and lift at the same time, you don’t have to worry about your new lashes coming out stiff and straight after a lash extension. Instead, you’ll get to choose the length and curve of your desired lashes.

Lash lift vs. extension in Malaysia

When you’re choosing between a lash lift and extension in Malaysia, you can consider these three factors:

Natural or full?

Whilst both a lift and extension will lend you curlier eyelashes, a lash lift creates a lighter and more natural appearance compared to a lash extension. Hence, lash lifts are great if you’re hoping to achieve a perky but natural lash style; whereas if you’re aiming for a voluminous, extra-feathery look, then lash extensions are a better choice.

lash lift vs extensions singapore

A lash lift (left) works with your natural lashes, whereas a lash extension (right) adds artificial strands and volume to your eyelashes.

However, that’s not to say that a lash extension only ever gives a full and luxurious appearance; rather, your salon will allow you to choose from several lash styles such as natural, cute (which brings more lashes to the middle of the eye), sexy (meaning more lashes on the outer corners of the eye), or gorgeous (lengthened lashes all across eye line).

Short or long lashes?

People with short lashes might relate to the struggle of using an eyelash curler – no matter how hard you try, there’s just not enough length on your lashes to curl them. The same goes for a lash lift: they might not work well for stumpier lashes.

In that case, a lash extension will be your best friend.

Easy or difficult to maintain?

If you consider your daily makeup routine, lash extensions let you hit the alarm and snooze in bed for an extra 10 minutes because you don’t have to make up your eyelashes. Whilst a lash lift does involve tinting or darkening your lashes, you’ll still need mascara if you prefer thicker lashes or are doing heavier, full-faced makeup – say for an evening out.

lash lift vs extensions singapore - mascara (1)

Use mascara to darken your lifted lashes on a date night out.

But while you might be saving time on your makeup, you’ll be making up for it on effort spent taking proper care of your lash extensions. You’ll have to strike oil-based products off your skincare as they will cause your new lashes to fall; you will also have to take care not to rub your eyes or lay on your lashes when you sleep.

lash lifts vs extensions - oil-based

Keep oil-based products away from your lash extensions.

Lash lifts are certainly much easier to maintain and require fewer appointments. Whilst you have to go back to the salon for infills on your lash extensions, you can wait as long as eight to 12 weeks before your next lash lift appointment. Plus, the only thing you have to be careful of is to keep your lifted lashes dry in the first 24 hours.

Whether you love a full, feathery eyelash style or prefer an effortless eyelash routine, it’s important to visit a good lash salon in Malaysia to get your lashes done!

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