So you finally caved in and had eyelash extensions done – congrats!

But, can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions? You ask.

This is an important question because you may want to flaunt that latest eyeshadow palette you’ve bought with your new lashes and most importantly, you’re worred if it means you have to throw half of your eye makeup collection – gasp!

Can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions

No way! You can still rock that full glam eye makeup look while wearing lash extensions. This can be done by doing careful and consistent makeup removal techniques and ensuring that you use the right quality of products.

Can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions? What to avoid

The main concern about wearing eye makeup with lash extensions is whether it may affect the longevity of your lash extensions. After all, you wouldn’t want a treatment you’ve spent time and money on to run its course sooner than it should.

If you want your eyelash extension to last, always avoid using waterproof eye makeup products and oil-based makeup removers.

All eyelash extensions react sensitively to oil. The glue holding your lash extensions place will break down in no time when exposes to oil, so make sure always to use oil-free makeup products.

Waterproof eyeliners and mascara should be avoided as well. Why? Because most of the time, these products can only be removed using an oil-based makeup remover. Always choose eye makeup products that are easy to remove after use.

Here are recommendations if you’re looking for makeup remover you can use with lash extensions.

FAQs about makeup when you have eyelash extensions

Can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions

Can you wear eye makeup with lash extensions? Besides the formula of the products, we break down the type of products and whether you can use them.

Here are some of the most common questions when using eye makeup with eyelash extensions:

1. What kind of eyeliner is safe to use with eyelash extensions?

If we’re being honest, eyelash extensions already create the illusion that you have eyeliner on your lids. But to our cat-eye loving readers out there, we know this is non-negotiable!

So if you still wanna rock that “cat-eye on fleek” look with eyelash extensions, we recommend that you use water-based ink eyeliners that are easy to remove and clean!

2. Can you use mascara with eyelash extensions?

Fun fact: not all mascaras are waterproof! There are a lot of good thin, lash-extension friendly mascaras on the market that are easily washable to avoid premature lash extension fallouts.

Waterproof mascaras tend to stick on the lash extensions. Removing them involves a lot of rubbing and tugging, resulting in the shedding of both the natural lashes and the extensions.

In other words, we’d stay away from mascara when we have eyelash extensions. Anyway, the point of doing eyelash extensions is usually so that we can save time from using falsies or mascaras, so enjoy this freedom that come with it – and imagine the amount of time you save!

3. How about gel, pencil, and cream eyeliners?

These types of eyeliners usually have a sticky consistent consistency and tend to leave debris on the lash glue and extensions themselves. That’s why they should be avoided at all costs!

This debris will clog up your eyelash extensions and might cause extreme irritation in the long run.

4. What kind of eyeshadow is safe to use with eyelash extensions?

Matte shadows are the best eyeshadow to use when you have lash extensions because cream and sparkly eyeshadows tend to leave some fallouts that can cause irritation to your lash extensions.

To make sure your eyeshadow application is fallout-free, always use a good quality eye primer first. Use a tightly-packed brush to distribute the eyeshadow across your lids, and slay!

How to remove eye makeup with eyelash extensions

remove eye makeup with lash extensions

Removing eye makeup with eyelash extensions can be really tricky. If done incorrectly, bacteria and dirt will build up in your lashes, which can cause infection! 

1. Start with heavy colour makeup

The first step for removing eye makeup with eyelash extensions is to start with the product that has the heaviest colour payoff. This is usually the eyeshadow, and if you don’t wear eyeshadow, it’s likely your eyeliner.

Usually, removing stubborn pigmented makeup entails the use of oil-based makeup removers. But since oil is a no-no with eyelash extensions, you should opt for an oil-free makeup remover with a potent cleansing formulation.

Tip: Use a lint-free cotton swab to clean even the hard to reach corners of your eyes.

2. Do the larger areas of the face

After you remove the heavy colour makeup from your eyes, the next step is to remove the makeup from under and upper eyes, nose, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, and forehead.

Since these are larger areas of the face, it’s best to use a pre-soaked oil-free makeup remover.

3. Deep cleanse your lashes

When your lash technician adds strands of eyelash extensions to your natural lash line during the procedure, she applies it 1-2 mm away from your lash line and not directly on your skin. This is because lash glue can irritate your skin when applied directly.

Since there’s a gap between the eyelash extensions and the lash line, this gap can collect dirt and makeup debris over time, which can make your eyelashes more prone to bacterial growth.

This is where a lash extension cleanser comes in. With or without extensions, lash extension cleaners can be used to clean your eyelids and lashes regularly. It keeps your natural or fake lashes healthy and clean without hurting the eyelash extension bond.