As a recognisable staple in nearly every Asian household, rice has been a key ingredient that many of us regularly savour. Beyond its role in the kitchen, though, it might also have a well-deserved spot our your skincare routine!

Recently, the granddaughter of a Korean ajumma, going by the username @tamsskyn on TikTok, took to the social media platform to divulge a rice water recipe that her grandmother has been using since the 1940s. She believes that this regimen has significantly contributed to her grandma’s ability to maintain minimal sunspots and wrinkles over the decades.

Credit: @tamsskyn/TikTok

Tams, who is 42 herself, also swears by the recipe, and has since shared a series of videos documenting her rice water skincare routine.

Benefits of rice water for skin

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Functions as an anti-ageing elixir

Rice water contains amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals that may help delay or stop the ageing process of the skin. Furthermore, it may inhibit the activity of the skin-ageing enzyme elastase. As a result, rice water may help to maintain your skin elasticity for a longer period of time, creating mochi-soft skin.

Reduces scarring and brightens the skin

Fermented rice water can be quite beneficial if you have dull skin, acne, or uneven skin tone.

Collagen synthesis in your skin will be boosted, resulting in a soft, bright complexion. The skin whitening effect of rice water has also been praised for generations, as it promotes the fading of scars, pigmented spots, and blemishes.

Combats sunburns

Rice water can also be incredibly healing for minor sunburns, soothing red, swelling, or itchy skin. It also has a toning and tightening effect, making it great for targeting common anti-ageing concerns.

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How to make rice water

Credit: @tamsskyn/TikTok

Start of by pouring two cups of any Asian white rice into a bowl, and give it a good first rinse under cold water. Drain the water, and then repeat the process one more time.

At the third rinse, stir the rice around for 30 seconds to a minute, until the mixture is visibly cloudier than before. Keep the remaining liquid by storing it in a mason jar and then place it in the fridge to prolong its shelf life.

Credit: @tamsskyn/TikTok

This rice water can be applied on your skin for up to two weeks, before you make a fresh batch again.

According to Tams, it’s also not necessary to let the rice soak in the water in any of the steps, making this an ultra quick and simple skincare DIY you can repeat often!

Three ways to use rice water

In another TikTok video, Tams shares with users three ways you can incorporate rice water into your skincare routine.

After cleansing

Upon cleansing, use the rice water as a form of essence on your face by pouring out it into a bowl and splashing it onto your face directly.

Not only is this incredibly refreshing, it’s also a great way to reduce the hyperpigmentation in your face and soothe any redness quickly.

Credit: @tamsskyn/TikTok

As a toner

If you prefer a less hands-on approach, you can pour your rice water into a spray bottle, and place it in the fridge. Spritz a little on periodically throughout the day as a refreshing toner and let it air dry.

In the summer, you can even add in a tablespoon of lime juice and cucumber to experience a greater pore-tightening and natural-glow effect!

As a face mask

Credit: @tamsskyn/TikTok

If you’d like your skin to experience the beneficial nutrients and minerals of rice water for a longer time, simply grab a couple of gauze cotton pads, soak up the mixture you made, and apply it onto your skin.

You can leave the homemade face mask on for 10 minutes, and carry on with the rest of your skincare routine afterwards!

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Featured image credit: @tamsskyn/TikTok