Fondly known as Queen of C-Pop and Asian Pop Queen, Jolin Tsai, reigns as a multitalented Taiwanese sensation.

Her chart-toppers, including I’m Not Yours, KARMA, Bravo Lover, and more, have etched her name in the music hall of fame since she clinched victory in an MTV Mandarin singing competition.

Beyond her musical prowess, she’s a revered fashion and beauty influencer, capturing the hearts of many with her style and beauty tips.

If you’re wondering how she maintains a flawlessly beautiful appearance even in her early 40s, we’ve got her secrets.

Curious to know, read on!

Moisturising is vital

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

Jolin follows a skincare philosophy centred on the principle of simple maintenance. Her skincare routine focuses on three simple steps, which include cleansing, moisturising, and sun protection.

Among these, moisturising takes precedence in her routine, as she firmly believes that well-hydrated skin not only appears brighter but also provides a smoother canvas for makeup application, particularly during her busy work schedule.

This commitment to maintaining a well-hydrated complexion is a testament to Jolin Tsai’s dedication to skincare and her desire to look and feel her best, both on and off the stage.

Combat dryness with wet compress

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

When it comes to in-flight skincare maintenance, she relies on the power of makeup lotion and wet compress to combat dryness.

Her go-to practice involves carrying makeup lotion for a wet compress effect during flights, ensuring that her skin remains well-hydrated and refreshed even at high altitudes.

Eye care is a priority

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

Despite having just three simple skincare routines, she also emphasises the importance of anti-ageing.

When the skin around her eyes shows signs of fatigue due to her demanding work schedule, Jolin uses an anti-ageing eye cream paired with massage techniques to swiftly rejuvenate the skin, effectively restoring its vitality.

This diligent care not only helps her maintain a more youthful and vibrant appearance but also ensures that she consistently looks fresh and energetic, ready to take on her busy schedule with confidence.

A well balanced diet

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

Jolin Tsai’s toned physique is a testament to her preference for a light and balanced diet. She doesn’t believe in extreme diets but rather concentrates on maintaining a healthy and well-balanced eating routine.

Her approach is pretty straightforward! She has three well-timed meals, each with appropriate portion sizes, ensuring adequate protein intake, and a moderate amount of healthy fats.

This strategy allows her to sustain a healthy body condition without the need for strict dieting.

Stay hydrated

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

To boost her metabolism and promote beautiful skin, Jolin has a simple yet effective strategy, which is to stay well-hydrated. She once revealed that she consumes an impressive 2.8 litres of water daily.

Her hydration routine always starts with a glass of warm water. She believes this practice accelerates metabolism, aids digestion, and contributes to beautiful skin.

Jolin sees this practice not only as a metabolism booster but also as a digestion enhancer, all while contributing to the radiance of her skin. Hydration is indeed one of her beauty secrets, helping her both feel and look her best.

Regular exercise for a toned body

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

Being a singer requires a lot of on-stage dance and physical fitness, and Jolin Tsai certainly understands the importance of staying in shape.

In addition to her rigorous training before concerts, she has a genuine passion for various forms of exercises such as yoga, aerobics, cycling, and badminton.

These activities play a significant role in helping her maintain a consistently toned and healthy physique. Jolin’s commitment to her fitness routine ensures that she always looks and feels her best.

These are the skincare and lifestyle tips that Jolin Tsai follows to maintain her radiant skin and overall well-being.

Sleep before 11pm

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

She’s not only known as Queen of C-Pop but also as Sleeping Beauty!

It’s because she makes sure to tuck herself into bed before 11pm every night. This bedtime ritual remains unwavering, even on days when she has friends over.

In fact, at 10.30pm, she heads to the bathroom to begin her bedtime routine. Jolin Tsai firmly believes that ample rest is not only essential for her well-being but also contributes to healthier and more radiant skin.

Her commitment to a regular and early bedtime is a cornerstone of her self-care, ensuring that she looks and feels her best, no matter how busy her schedule may be.

Featured image: @jolincai

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