Even if you’re not familiar with Chinese media, chances are you’ve heard of or seen Fan Bingbing, who had been on Forbes and Time magazine.

She has starred in several high-profile Chinese films such as Lost in Beijing, Buddha Mountain, and Double Exposure. You may have also seen her in X-Men: Days of Future Past and Skiptrace.

Some of us may remember her My Fair Princess (Huan Zhu Ge Ge) days, and it’s hard to believe that this youthful-looking A-list actress is already 40 years old.

To get an insight into how she maintains her youthful looks, here’s a list of beauty tips she has shared. Good news: they aren’t impossible to follow!

She is known as the “Queen of Masks”

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 1 - Queen of Masks - ram93 on Reddit

Photo source: u/ram93 on Reddit

Fan Bingbing has a huge love of sheet masks, and is always using one whenever she’s not working to refresh and pamper her skin.

She said she once used over 700 masks in a single year, which means she applies at least two masks a day. In fact, Fan Bingbing has been seen signing autographs while wearing a wet sheet mask in public!

She does a series of facial massages on herself

This Chinese actress performs a series of facial massages to tone the muscles, tighten the skin, brighten the complexion, and slim the face.

She begins by rubbing some essential oil in the palms of her hands before massaging her face. She starts from the area underneath her eyes, then the temples in an outward-to-inward motion with a facial roller.

She maintains a simple skincare routine

Fan Bingbing notes that her skin type is normal, so it is not too oily and not too dry. She also says that she is not prone to breakouts – how lucky!

Still, she makes sure to maintain a simple and non-complicated skincare routine to keep it glowing. The skincare products she use are in this sequence: face wash, toner, essence, eye cream, and face cream.

She always removes her makeup thoroughly

For Fan Bingbing, the correct way to remove makeup is to use specific makeup removers for eyes and lips before using makeup removers for the face.

She lets the products sit for three to five minutes before wiping everything off and following up by cleansing with a facial wash.

She keeps herself and her skin hydrated

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 2 - Hydration - bingbing_fan on Instagram

Photo source: @bingbing_fan on Instagram

She practises the commonly dictated generous water consumption. This not only helps her feel good but also keeps her looking good as it promotes skin hydration too.

Moisturising is also an important step in her skincare routine. Fan Bingbing especially makes sure to keep her face well moisturised before bed.

She wears sunscreen every single day

This actress protects herself well from the sun’s rays by applying sunscreen every day.

She loves creams with SPF as well, especially those that can brighten, moisturise, and protect all at the same time.

She doesn’t wear makeup everyday

On off-duty days, Fan Bingbing doesn’t put on any makeup, including foundation. Instead, all she applies is sunscreen.

She believes that this gives her skin time to “rest and relax”.

She rests whenever she can

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Photo source: @bingbing_fan on Instagram

Whenever Fan Bingbing has some extra time for herself, she devotes that time to sleep.

Sleep has been shown to be fundamental to good skin health, as stress can lead to breakouts.

She takes care of her neck too

While makeup and concealer can hide blemishes on the face, Fan Bingbing believes that it is more difficult to hide anything on the neck.

This is she applies a mask to her neck when she is resting to give extra care to the area, especially because she considers her collarbone one of her best features.

She is conscientious with hand care

This star pays great attention to hand care and applies hand cream and hand masks almost every day. We’d love to have the chance to shake her hands to feel how soft they must be!

She rest her feet

Fan Bingbing subscribes to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts, which consider the feet the “second heart” of the human body.

That is why she often uses Chinese herbs to soak her feet and put on flats as soon as she gets back to her dressing room.

She doesn’t neglect lip care and hair care

At this point, it is safe to say that Fan Bingbing prioritises almost every part of her body.

For her lips, she does some lip massages to care for them. And for her hair, she insists on washing it in the direction it naturally falls.

She loads up on fruits to lose weight

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 4 - Fruit - bingbing_fan on Instagram.jpg

Photo source: @bingbing_fan on Instagram

Whenever Fan Bingbing needs to shed some extra pounds, she turns to fruits as her staple food every day.

Her fruit-filled meal includes apples, tomatoes, cherries, and more, which can help to maintain nutrients and physical strength.

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She focuses a lot on brightening

Brightening is something that this actress focuses on. Every step of her skin care routine from cleansers to masks are all about brightening.

She avoids sun exposure and eats foods that promote brighter skin.

She drinks a lot of chrysanthemum tea

She has maintained a tea-drinking habit for many years, and chrysanthemum tea is her go-to beverage.

This tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can provide important health benefits to the heart and kidneys for them to function better.

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