Cushion foundations, an ingenious invention from the K-beauty industry, have been all the rage for years now. If you do a quick search on Google or some light stalking on your favourite celebrity’s socials, you’ll see that almost anyone and everyone has used a cushion foundation at least once.

And as the beauty world reconstructs itself to welcome more dewy and “no makeup” makeup looks, beauty enthusiasts like yourself realise the indisputable power of cushion foundations.

With a light to medium-full coverage, these handy little compacts are usually also extremely beneficial to your skin. They hydrate, promote supple, luminous skin, cover any redness and blemishes, and give you a more natural-looking finish.


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Not to mention, cushion foundations save us so much time and are really easy to touch up with. However, there are good techniques and tricks to achieving that “dewy coverage” you’re promised.

Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we get it wrong. Read on for some life-changing cushion foundation hacks that’ll have passersby complimenting your skin and asking if you’re wearing any makeup!

Make sure your skin is well-prepped


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Just like any foundation, you’ll want to make sure that your skin is prepped for an even application.

Cushion foundations have a tendency of wearing unevenly or looking patchy when your skin isn’t prepped correctly. To prevent this, use a primer or lightweight moisturiser!

For those with oily skin, take a look at our top picks of primers here.

Use the right amount of product


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If you’re not a newbie to cushion foundations, you’ll know that one light press onto the foundation sponge will give you more than enough product for half of your face.

We dare say that there’s an art and technique to knowing just how much product you should pick up from the cushion. You don’t want to end up with a cakey base so remember that a little goes a long way!

how to apply foundation evenly with cushion foundation

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When using a new puff, make sure to let the product soak into the puff evenly. After pressing your puff onto the cushion, fold the puff into half and press around gently to let the product distribute well.

how much product to use from cushion foundation

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Next, to avoid using way too much product, dab your puff onto the compact’s cover to adjust the amount. You’ll realise that this is also a technique most use when applying face powders — lightly hitting their makeup brushes on the back of their hands to refrain from applying too much onto their faces.

If your puff isn’t new, you can dab your puff onto the back of your hands to get the extra product off first before applying it to your face.

This will help make your foundation last longer and also result in a more natural effect.

Never swipe!

cushion foundation hack

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Unlike how you would apply your base with a sponge, your fingers, or foundation brush, the rule when it comes to cushion foundation is to never use a swiping or dragging motion.

Instead, you’ll want to apply with a dabbing or rolling motion all over your face which will help achieve a long-lasting effect too.

The press and rub technique

cover redness with cushion foundation

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If you realise that you’re doing everything right but your blemishes or skin’s red areas are still not getting the right coverage, it could be due to the application method.

To reduce the appearance of your pores, after getting the product onto your puff, gently press these areas with the edge of your puff and rub it in with soft, small, and circular motions.

Set your base with the puff

how to apply cushion foundation

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After you’re done applying the foundation onto your face, finish it off by using the entire surface of the puff to “pat it down” gently. This will act as “setting your makeup” and make sure that any uneven parts are smoothened out.

Clean your puff regularly


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If you use single-use sponges even for cushion foundations, you’re safe from the pitfalls of a dirty, unhygienic puff.

If not, you may want to consider adopting the habit of cleaning the compact’s puff with a water and oil cleanser after every use. This will prevent the formation of bacteria on the puff which could eventually cause acne or other skin irritations on your face.

It’ll also be easier for you to gauge how much product you’re using during application when your sponge is as good as new! Plus, your base will be a lot more even if you don’t have ‘old’ remaining product transferred from the puff to your face.

To go the extra step, clean your compact container too with tissue paper or alcohol wipes so that any remaining foundation won’t build up.

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