Is your cushion foundation running out of product? Don’t toss it out just yet, because we’ve found an easy hack that can help you get more out of the product.

Photo source: @小刀/XiaoHongShu

While beauty enthusiasts love cushion foundations for their formula that delivers a natural, dewy look, many also lament that they seem to run out quickly.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

But when you can no longer pick up any product, don’t be too quick to throw the product away. There’s actually still a lot of foundation in the sponge that you’ll be wasting if you don’t know this hack.  Simply reach for a pair of tweezers, grab the cushion, and flip it over.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

Upon flipping, you’ll realise that there’s still a lot of product gathered at the bottom because of gravity, and is trapped at the bottom part of the sponge.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

After slotting the flipped cushion back in place, pick up a cotton swab to clean off any residue.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

And voila! You’ll now have a cushion foundation that is almost as good as new.

Aside from flipping the cushion component over, some TikTok users also shared that storing the entire compact case upside down can also prevent excessive amount of product from sinking to the bottom.

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Featured image credit: @ruanruanaaa/XiaoHongShu and @heydohee/TikTok