If you’ve been following Song Ji-A since her Netflix debut on Single’s Inferno or her beauty-centric YouTube channel, you simply can’t overlook her mesmerising doll-like appearance.

For those eager to uncover the secrets behind her natural allure, the beauty goddess herself has shared some of her favourite beauty insights. We’re here to unveil five of her insider secrets, including the products she personally endorses!

Tip 1: Keep your neck moisturised to prevent wrinkles

Often, our necks are overlooked in skincare routines, but nurturing this delicate canvas can prove to be an exquisite anti-ageing measure.

Ji-A’s secret? The application of an intensive night cream on her neck to stave off wrinkles.


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Photo credit: @slideshowsforchaewon/TikTok (left), free지아/Youtube (right)

The skin on your neck is exceptionally delicate. So, the next time you apply your nightly moisturiser, don’t forget to extend its benefits to your neck.

How to apply the night cream?

Before applying it to your neck, warm the cream in your palms. Then, gently massage it in small circular motions and work your way outwards, ensuring you reach behind your jawline. This method effectively reduces the appearance of necklines and prevents the formation of new fine lines.

Ji-A’s recommended night cream:

Weyergrans’s High Care Timeless Intensive Care

In one of her YouTube videos, Ji-A attests to this product’s excellence, having gone through at least four jars of it. She highlights how this night cream consistently leaves her with radiant, glowing skin each morning.


Weyergrans’s High Care Timeless Intensive Care retails for S$280 (~RM970.24) at Weyergrans online.

Tip 2: Use a sheet mask two to three times a week

Incorporating sheet masks into her routine two to three times a week, Ji-a has unlocked the key to supple, hydrated skin.


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Ji-A, who has dry skin, believes in the power of sheet masks to infuse her skin with much-needed hydration.


Photo credits: @wyunknow.editer/TikTok

Regardless of your skin type, sheet masks can revolutionise your skincare journey, offering benefits that range from hydration and smoothing to skin tone evening and radiant rejuvenation.

How to apply sheet masks:

After cleansing and applying toner, delicately lay the sheet mask over your face, ensuring it aligns with your features. Leave the mask on for the recommended duration – typically, remove it when it starts to feel dry.

Your skin will appear brighter, more luminous, and refreshed as it absorbs the mask’s nourishing essence!

Ji-A’s recommended sheet masks:

  • Mediheal Hyalu Moist Essence Mask – retails for RM23.99 at Shopee and RM64.91 at iHerb.
  • Dr.DERMACH Dancing Whale Brightening Mask – retails for RM9.90 at Shopee.

Tip 3: Do not touch your face bare-handed unless doing skincare


Photo credit: 팔로우미/YouTube

If you’re yearning for the coveted glass-skin appearance, remember this simple yet powerful advice from Ji-A: avoid touching your face with your hands unless you’re applying skincare.

The reason is straightforward – touching your face can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your skin, which can lead to clogged pores and unsightly breakouts.

So, make it a daily practice to refrain from touching your face and always cleanse your hands before diving into your skincare routine.

Tip 4: Make your lashes more lifted and longer by using a lighter

Ji-A is renowned for her exquisite makeup looks that complement her features perfectly. Here, we focus on her standout feature – her captivating eyes and adorned lashes that remain elegantly curled.

Photo credit: free지아/YouTube

Her secret? Using a lighter on your eyelash curler to give your lashes a stunning lift before applying mascara.


Photo credit: @chiicha.07/TikTok

How to achieve her doll-like lashes:


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It’s surprisingly simple. Gently warm the lash curler with a lighter three times before curling your lashes. Use a spoolie tool to fan out each lash for even distribution. Then, apply mascara as usual and see the difference when you incorporate Ji-A’s technique!

Ji-A’s recommended eyelash curlers and mascaras:

  • Shiseido Eyelash Curler – retails for RM38.90 at Shopee.
  • Muji Eyelash Curler – retails for RM17.90 at Muji online and RM24.90 at Shopee.
  • Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara – retails for RM90 at Watsons online and RM81 at Zalora.
  • Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara – retails for RM33.52 at Watsons online.

Tip 5: Even before you see the signs of hair loss, use a hair loss shampoo/treatment

Another remarkable aspect of Ji-a’s allure is her luscious, vibrant hair, expertly styled to complement her diverse outfits and makeup choices.


Photo credit: @dear.zia/Instagram

She’s a fervent advocate of prevention, even when it comes to her hair. She recommends using hair loss shampoo and treatments as a proactive measure to maintain healthy hair.

Ji-A’s recommended hair-loss shampoo:

JW’s Scalp Medic Shampoo


**JW’s Scalp Medic Shampoo retails for RM114.00 at Shopee.

So, why not give Song Ji-A’s tips a shot and see how it works for you?

Featured image credit: @slideshowsforchaewon/TikTok