If there’s one product we should never forget or leave the house without, it’s sunscreen! We won’t preach about its significance because, let’s be honest, you should already be aware of that.

But we’re excited to spill the beans about our latest discovery through TikTok, a product that’s like your personal sunscreen alarm clock – UV detection stickers!

Curious to know more? Scroll down to find out!

P.S. read more about the importance of sun protection here

UV detection stickers, your skin’s new best friend!


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Picture this: You’re enjoying a beautiful day outdoors, whether it’s a refreshing jog, tending to your garden, or simply basking in nature’s glory. The sun kisses your skin, and you’re lost in the moment.

But, here’s the catch – how often do you truly know when it’s time to shield yourself from those harmful UV rays? We all need a little reminder sometimes, something intuitive and simple.

That’s where these UV detection stickers comes into play.

What are UV detection stickers?


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With skin cancer being one of the most common cancer in the world, graduates from University of Waterloo’s Nanotechnology Engineering, Andrew Martinko, Chad Sweeting, and Derek Jouppi co-invented the SPOTMYUV.

With family and close friends who have been personally affected by skin cancer, they recognised the importance of creating a product that could alert individuals when it’s time to reapply sunscreen, ultimately promoting better sun protection practices.

These UV detection stickers from SPOTMYUV serve as a clever tool to detect ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and their functioning are quite intriguing actually.

These innovative stickers provide an early warning system, sparing you the traditional discomfort of discovering sunburn the hard way.

How to use the UV detection stickers?


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Using these UV detection stickers is a breeze and requires no technical prowess. All you need to do is place the sticker on any visible part of your body, then generously slather on your sunscreen. After a couple of minutes, you’ll notice the sticker gradually becomes transparent or clear in shade.

This indicates that your skin is effectively shielded from the sun’s potentially harmful rays.

However, if they start transitioning into a purple hue, it’s a subtle yet crucial reminder that your skin’s protective barrier has weakened, signalling the need to reapply sunscreen promptly. It’s as straightforward as it gets!

The cherry on top? These UV detection stickers are waterproof, so there’s no need to fret about them losing adhesion or slipping off.


these patches let you know when it’s time to reapply your SPF! inspired by @Helen & @Melissa Tovar #skincare #sunscreen #sunscreenqueen

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For instance, TikToker @kkrystalmarie gave the UV stickers a shot and noticed they didn’t turn completely transparent. This could be due to either the low SPF in her sunscreen (SPF35) or insufficient sunscreen application.

These UV detection stickers retails for RM74.78  (16 patches) and RM121.54 (32 patches) on SpotMYUV.

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