Been on #beautytok lately? You’ve probably seen everyone raving about this essence. It’s the go-to for Blackpink and NewJeans’s makeup artists, causing a viral sensation in Korea. Celebrities love it, and even dermatology clinics in Korea use it.

We’re talking about the Mixsoon Bean Essence! It claims to be a do-it-all product, promising hydrated and plump skin with its top-notch fermented ingredients. Plus, it’s one of the first essences that doubles as a dead skin remover.

But, does it really live up to the hype? Stick around as we break down the details, application tips, and reviews from those who’ve given it a shot!

What Exactly Is This Viral Bean Essence?


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The Mixsoon Bean Essence combines nature’s fermentation power with a unique blend of natural extracts. With a thicker texture, it’s enriched with lactobacillus or soybean ferment extract, a key ingredient that renews the skin’s texture and brings back its natural radiance.

Makeup artists in Korea love it because of its gentle exfoliation, ensuring a smoother makeup finish when applied before foundation.

How To Use This Viral Bean Essence?

We’ve simplified the steps based on a tutorial by @yejee.lee. Here are two methods, depending on your preference:

Method #1: Moisturise and Tap


After toner, let the bean essence dry before continuing with your skincare routine. Your skin will be hydrated, and other products will absorb faster.

Method #2: Massage and Exfoliate


Apply the bean essence and massage in circular motions. The natural AHA from fermented pomegranate offers gentle exfoliation. Once dry, wash it off or use a cotton pad to wipe away residue. Your skin will feel smooth, and products will absorb better.

Does This Viral Bean Essence Really Work?

Reviews are mostly positive! Results vary, as with any product, but let’s explore some experiences.


Look at how many whiteheads came out😳 Trying out the @mixsoon_official bean essence for the 2nd time! I only do this method 2-3x a week & just pat it in for the rest #mixsoon #mixsoonpartner #beanessence #glassskin #skincareroutine #sensitiveskin #serum #koreanskincare #kbeauty #CapCut

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Sarah (@sarahkchey) raves about how it effectively removed blackheads and dead skin cells, leaving her skin incredibly smooth—a big thumbs up from her!


BTW they’re having a black friday sale on their site or amazon for 30% off until nov 30!! Its a bit on the pricier end so im also going to stock up during the sales!! And the @mixsoon_official bean essence is TOTALLY WORTH THE HYPE. Literally has been my daily skincare product I use this month. 100% recommend!! Some more things I want to highlight about this product: -This is NOT snail mucin so it’s 100% vegan. -So $35 for a bottle may sound expensive but if you read their brand and see how the product was made, it actually makes sense and I personally think its such a fair price considering how they process their ingredients. For ex: 1. Mixsoon uses domestically sourced raw materials to avoid using preservatives and chemical preservatives and they grow their own Centella Asiatica Extract in their farm on Udo Island and its grown without any pesticides. 2. They take 72 hours to fully extract their product using low temperature and high frequency so the product is non irritating and effective on the skin. 3. There is no dilution of their ingredients due to their high concentration of the extracts. 4. This commitment in using only high-quality raw materials naturally results in the high cost. I genuinely never really studied a skincare brand this much but the thought of “why is this bottle $35 though” crossed my mind so I just had to figure out the story behind their brand and I’m literally in love with everything mixsoon now 🤣 Here’s the sales in detail: November 20 ~ 27 – Bean Essence 30% OFF, Other products 40% OFF on @amazon November 20 ~ 27 – Bean Essence 30% OFF, Other products 40% OFF on @mixsoon_official November 16 ~ 23 – Bean Essence 25% OFF, Other products 20-25% OFF on @stylekorean_official Thank you for watching! 🤍 ad koreanskincareproducts❤️ #koreanbeautytips #koreanskincarerecommendations #kbeautyblogger #koreablogger #kbeautytiktok #kpopstyle #koreanskincareroutine #koreanstyles

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Lily (@_lilyis) found it worked wonders on a stubborn pimple — the redness significantly subsided overnight.


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On the other hand, TikTok creator, @dewyeveryday, feels it didn’t bring significant changes to her skin. However, she sees it as a nice addition to a simple skincare routine, especially when mixed with moisturiser and an active product.

Where To Find This Viral Bean Essence?


The Mixsoon Bean Essence (50ml) retails for RM139 on Shopee.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Featured image credits: @koocat/TikTok, @_lilyis/TikTok, @sarahkchey/TikTok.