Not everyone has the good luck to be born with luscious and full eyebrows. But thankfully, it can be fixed with a simple Tiktok hack.

The answer? Men’s beard dye. The best part is that you can do everything at home, and it only takes five minutes.

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  1. How the hack works

How the hack works

TiKTok Men Beard Dye Hack step 1 the dye

Instead of going for professional eyebrow embroidery, you could probably just use this easy hack instead. We can imagine doing this before our morning ritual and still have time for coffee later.

Firstly, you need to buy men’s beard dye. Most TikTokers go for the Just for Men Moustache & Beard Dye which retails for S$19.80 (~RM63.27) on iHerb.

After thoroughly mixing the dye, apply it to your eyebrows using a clean and precise brush. Start from the ends all the way to the tips.

Another way is to use a spoolie, which can be very helpful when applying the dye to the front of your eyebrows. Remember to wipe away mistakes as you go along.

TiKTok Men Beard Dye Hack step 3 wipe

After three minutes, wipe the front of your eyebrows. This way, they’ll end up with a more natural look.

Leave the rest on for the next two minutes as the tint darkens. It may be a good idea to set an alarm for this, as your brows will get darker the longer you wait.

TiKTok Men Beard Dye Hack step 4 before and after

Then, wash off the dye thoroughly with some water and shampoo, just like you would with a hair dye.

And, voila, you are done!

We’re seriously impressed with this hack, as the results really made it look like the Tiktoker has gone for a professional brow tinting service.

Will you be trying this crazy but totally amazing hack out? We just might try our hands at this!

Featured image credit: daniellemarcan