You may not have seen our recent article, but our love for tattoos led us to becoming inked ourselves. During the process, we had to thoroughly research what design we wanted, and in what style.

If you go on the internet or Instagram or Pinterest, you’re likely to see various kinds of tattoos, especially delicate, minimalist style tattoos that are gaining traction lately.

Tattoo Styles Minimalist-n

Photo sources: Blurmark, Her Campus, stephen_doyle_tattoo on Instagram

Did you know that it isn’t the only style that’s trendy? There are countless popular tattoo styles out there, and we’ve compiled a list of our favourites so you’d have a better idea of what you want for your next ink.

1. Traditional Americana

Traditional American tattoos are characterised by their bold black outlines and highly saturated colours. The designs usually feature roses, animal heads, pin-ups, symbolism, and military-related signs.

Photo source:, Honey Bramble, Inspirationfeed

2. Neo Traditional

Heavily inspired by the Traditional tattoo style (hence the naming), these tattoos have finer lines mixed with more bold and non-traditional colours. Thus, this gives them a classic feel with a taste of the new.

Photo source: Entertainment Mesh, daragh_locke_tattoos on Instagram

3. Tribal

Tribal tattoos are adorned by the people of Borneo as well as other tribes around the world. Various indigenous tribes inhabit the states of Sabah and Sarawak and have their own distinct tattooing culture.

Photo Source: Asian Arts Craftsmanship on Pinterest, East Javanese Blog

4. Watercolour

These tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity these days as they mimic paint splattering or flowing across the skin. With minimal or no outlines, they appear delicate and beautiful.


Photo Source: Klaims Street Tattoo, georgiagreynyc on Instagram

5. Blackwork

Done entirely in black and tints of grey, these are usually composed of abstract patterns and geometric shapes, but there are those that feature scenes and subjects.

Photo source: Inked Way, jackpeppiette on Instagram

6. Realism

Whether in colour or black and white, realistic tattoos capture a picture of anything in high detail. It takes a skilled artist to create a truly realistic piece due to the high difficulty of the art style.

Photo Source: Next Luxury, arlotattoos on Instagram

7. Portrait

Portrait tattoos tend to be realistic, but there are those done in a different style altogether. These tattoos can range from simple to complex, and are typically of famous people or someone dear to your heart.

Photo Source: The Trendspotter, eddy-lou-tattoos on Tumblr

8. Pet/Animals

It can be extra special to have your dog or cat on your body, especially in a familiar pose or with a favourite toy. Pet portraits are definitely gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Photo source: hi_imfromyesterday on Instagram

9. Surreal

Surrealism is an interesting genre of art that blends dream with reality. There seems to be no limit with these tattoos, which are all weird yet beautiful in their own way.

Photo source: oozy_tattoo on Instagram, Alex Young on Tattoo Filter, victortattoo on Tumblr

10. Biomechanical

Rock an Iron Man or Robotic look with these futuristic tattoo designs that adapt to the flow of your skin to look like there is machinery underneath.

Photo source:

11. Trash Polka

This tattoo style looks like a collage as it samples from printed materials including photography, handwriting, paint splashes, and typewriting.

Photo source: The Wild Trends, Styles At, beunavistatattooclub on Instagram

12. Geometric

Centred around lines and shapes, these tattoos have been slowly gaining in popularity because of the contrast between sharp lines and the curves of the body.

Photo source: fedornozdrin on Instagram,

13. Japanese

Classic Japanese tattoos typically use symbolism to show their meaning and have a deep history behind them. We think these tattoos look ‘tough’ and ‘proud’.

Photo source: Tattoo Easily, horitaka_tattoo on Instagram

14. Stick-and-poke

Also known as hand-poked tattoos, these are named after the way they are made. Stick-and-poke tattoos use an analog tattoo machine and a tattoo-grade needle compared to traditional tattoos that are done using a tattoo pen machine and traditional ink.

Photo source: Tattoo Me Now, strikethepoke on Instagram, thecamilomd on Instagram

15. Floral

Due to their range of designs and meanings, floral tattoos are very popular among women. Each flower has their own meaning and aesthetic value and can be easily incorporated into most designs.

Photo source: 7thday_studio on Instagram, Cute Hostess, Trending Tattoo

16. Words and phrases

Sometimes we want to memoralise a special word or phrase that means a lot to us. Here are some words on skin we thought looked beautiful.

Photo source: Tattoo Easily, Yahoo News, sirokyis on Reddit

Featured image credit: TattMag and Vice