Always wanted to achieve the adorable pink pout that is seen on several K-pop idols? This “strawberry yakult” lipstick will help you achieve just that.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

Known for creating lip shades that are often seen on K-pop idols, K-beauty brand Peripera did it again.

Get your hands on the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet in #26. This is pink with beige undertone, reminding us of the strawberry Yakult drink we used to sip on when we were kids.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

The perfect shade for your first week back in the office or for Chinese New Year, this is a sweet, fresh lip colour that brightens up your skin tone.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

This also comes in a dropper bottle that isn’t just pretty but also allows you to blend easily on your hand so that you can create a natural-looking tint.

Photo source: @霏霏FEIFEI/XiaoHongShu

If you want a typical Asian beauty lip look, you can apply a drop at the centre of your lips and dab outwards with your fingers. This will give you a gradient lip look that’s commonly worn among your favourite K-drama actresses and K-pop idols.

For a stronger lip look, simply apply a few more layers to bolden the colour.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

Since it has a lightweight texture, it’ll appear as if the pigment was airbrushed onto your lips, creating a soft velvet finish.

Photo source: @败家小娘们儿/XiaoHongShu

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet 26 retails for RM49, available at Watsons. There’s a promotion going on at the time of writing. Tap on the link to see updated price.

Featured image credit: @霏霏FEIFEI/XiaoHongShu and @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu