You’ve probably heard of Squid Game or have been hiding under a rock all these while. The original Netflix K-drama series is about how hundreds of heavily debt-ridden contestants were invited to compete in children’s games for an attractive cash prize. Losing a game comes with a huge price – death.

Besides its intriguing story line, the beautiful sets used in Squid Game is also the talk of the town. This is probably why we’ve been seeing the rising popularity of Squid Game merchandise.

More recently, Malaysian nail salon Maniqure released 10 sets of press-on nail designs that are inspired by the show and they’re gorgeous.

Read on to see all of them. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Nail looks inspired by Squid Game characters


squid game nails gganbu

Fans of Squid Game can’t stop talking about the tear-jerking episode 6 and one of the most memorable scenes has to be the one when Gi Hun and Il Nam had to play against each other in a game of marbles.

This set of nails is named “Gganbu” (a Korean slang that means “neighbourhood best friends”), inspired by this iconic scene.  It features the silhouette of the two characters, their player numbers, as well as a marble jewel for a 3D effect.

Gganbu nail set retails for RM154 at Maniqure.  

Stick to the team

squid game nails sae byeok

The breakout star of the series has to be Jung Ho Yeon, who played North Korean defector Sae Byeok.

If this is your favourite character, this set of nails will be up your alley. It features the silhouette of her in her jumpsuit, her player number, as well as colourful designs that are reminiscent of the bright hallways of the game arena.

Stick to the Team nail set retails for RM169 at Maniqure.  


squid game nails hell

The uniforms and masks of the staff in Squid Game certainly left a deep impression and this nail set is inspired by them, as well as the message of death that they are associated with.

The design comes with a bloody handprint, dripping blood, their uniforms, and the coffins with pink bow. If you’re attracted to the sinister vibe of the show, then this nail set is for you.

Hell nail set retails for RM159 at Maniqure.

Front Man

squid game nails front man

The Front Man is probably a character that exudes the most ominous and mysterious vibe, especially in the first few episodes of Squid Game. This nail set captures the essence of that flair.

Front Man nail set retails for RM181 at Maniqure.


squid game nails vip

Were you impressed by the flashy gold masks and expensive suits worn by the VIPs in the show? This set captures that opulence and drama.

VIPs nail set retails for RM186 at Maniqure.

Squid Game nails inspired by the games

Red light, green light

squid game nails red light green light

Definitely the most iconic game of the series, the “Red Light, Green Light” game features a creepy doll that haunts us with the monotonous “Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida” (which means “the Mungunghwa flower has blossomed” in Korean).

Love this scene? Wear it on your nails with this set.

Red Light, Green Light nail set retails for RM140 at Maniqure.

The man with the umbrella

squid game nails dalgona

The second game in Squid Game features the Dalgona candy and is set in an arena that looks like a kindergarten playground. This nail set is inspired by the dreamy-looking set.

The Man with the Umbrella nail set retails for RM161 at Maniqure.

Childhood and one lucky day

squid game nails drawings 2

Drawings of all the games were actually hidden in plain sight on the walls of the bedroom, which were later revealed prominently as the beds get fewer.

squid game nails drawings 1

Maniqure designed two sets of press-on nails that depict these drawings.

Red Light, Green Light, Dalgona, and bridge game designs are on the set called Childhood, and the tug-of-war, marbles, and the final squid game are on the set called One Lucky Day. Get both sets so you can have all the games on your fingertips – literally!

Childhood and One Lucky Day nail sets retail for approximately RM184 each at Maniqure.

A fair world

squid game nails maniqure 1

Another iconic item in the show is probably the giant piggy bank filled with 45.6 won in cash that motivates the contestants to keep going in the game. This nail set is a nod to it.

A Fair World nail set retails for RM154 at Maniqure.