Are you ready to be spoilt for choice? Rom&nd’s best-selling lipstick collection, the Zero Matte Lipstick, is now available in 20 more shades that span the quintessential K-beauty lip shades of nudes and pastels, neutrals, as well as deeper reds and purples.

You now have an excuse to add a few of these lipsticks to your “milk tea” lippie collection!

A “milk tea” for every occasion

Credit: 猫小乖kr/Xiao Hong Shu

The lipsticks come in a chic frosted packaging which opens to reveal the creamy and intensely pigmented product. This improved formula comes with a semi-matte, velvety finish, that promises to be lightweight and long-lasting.

Let’s check out some of the gorgeous shades below!

Nudes and pastels

Credit: 揉肉肉的柔柔/Xiao Hong Shu

#09 Shell Nude: If subtle is what you’re going for, this is perfect for you. This soothing coral shade lends your lips an extremely natural look that livens up your face without overdoing it.

Credit: 揉肉肉的柔柔/Xiao Hong Shu

#10 Pink Sand: For a fun picnic date, try this adorable pastel-pink colour instead. Pair this with pastel-pink blush for that sweet, coquettish girl effect.


Credit: 爱分享的小刺猬/Xiao Hong Shu

#05 Evening: Channel your inner Kpop star with this almost-terracotta shade. This dusty nude colour offers your face a gentle warm flush, making it extremely wearable and office-appropriate.

Credit: 猫茶芝/Xiao Hong Shu

#07 Envy Me: Somewhat of a dustier tone of Pink Sand, this muted pink colour gives your lips a kissable pop of colour. You are going to want to wear this to your next brunch date for sure.

Rom&nd’s Zero Matte Lipstick retails for RM38.50 on Shopee.