You may already own a lipstick in a red bean paste shade (红豆沙色). After all, this is one of the hottest makeup trends in 2020.

If your love for this colour is everlasting, you’d probably be happy to know that the red bean paste shade is on the radar again. In 2021, this shade has been seen in nail designs and is definitely one of the most popular nail trends right now.

Want to get some inspirations for the prettiest red bean paste nail looks so you can either DIY or show it to your manicurist? Here are 14 red bean paste nail looks we’re absolutely in love with.

Red bean paste nail looks to try

red bean paste nails 1

Source: @love23nails

If “easy breezy” is your middle name, then this is the look to go for. It’s fuss-free and you’re going to be able to pull it off yourself too. Otherwise, it also shouldn’t break your bank at the salon if you request for it.

red bean paste nails 2

Source: @moonvely

Inspired by knitted sweaters, this nail look makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

red bean paste nails 3

Source: @ikuma.nail

Prefer an embellished design? This artistic style may inspire you.

This gorgeous red bean paste nail look is work-appropriate and brings out the sweetness in you.

We’ll never get tired of marbled print and this throws the popular red bean paste shade into the mix to make it look even more chic.

red bean paste nails 6

Source: @waffle_nail

For something detailed but not too OTT, this is something you can go for.

red bean paste nails 7

Source: @moonvely

We’re love how this watercolour-inspired nail look makes use of negative space to draw attention to the beautiful colours.

red bean paste nails 8

Source: @mmic0717

For a smudged look that lets people think you’ve smeared red bean paste on your nails, this is an interesting one to go for.

Adding gold accent to the look makes this more interesting.

red bean paste nails 10

Source: @idy_beauty

The gel-like look is also another huge trend this year – so make it ultra stylish in the red bean paste shade.

red bean paste nails 11

Source: @gelato_nail

This matte nail design gives the look more character and we love how the colours chosen come together so harmoniously.

red bean paste nails 12

Source: @mmic0717

Love animal prints? Work it into the design as an accent!

red bean paste nails 13

Source: @ttl.nails

This beautiful floral nail design will be one that you can’t stop staring at. If your manicurist is great at freehand drawing, let her challenge herself with this look!

red bean paste nails 14

Source: @nailalamode

This look comes with a subtle gradient to make an otherwise understated design more intricate.