We’re dubbing a cheerful pop-up nail style that has been appearing everywhere on our social media feeds as a “popsicle” manicure!

In addition to a vibrant mix of colours and cute cartoon art, “popsicle” manicures are distinguished, most uniquely, by their three-dimensional details.

You’d be surprised how much pop-up details can transform a regular flat-lay manicure. It’s almost as if you’re wearing chunky accessories – only, not on your fingers, but on your talons.

Since summer’s fast approaching, read on to find the best “popsicle” manicure styles to inspire your next salon visit!

Jelly accents

popsicle manicure

Photo source: REPAIR赋源标准美学中心/Xiao Hong Shu (XHS)

Against a nude base, the colourful “jelly” accents on these nails really pop! As each pop-up piece is clear (with a vibrant splash of colour underneath it), we’re enjoying maximum “jello” textures.

Indeed, these are nails that look good enough to eat.


popsicle manicure (1)

Photo source: REPAIR赋源标准美学中心/XHS

Throw food-inspired nail art into the mix and you’ll get this cutest pop-tart manicure.

The white nails with a sprinkle of dots remind us of the thick icing on the back of a sweet pop tart, and the squiggly coloured lines recall toasted waffles. It’s a breakfast-worthy set that’ll make your mouth water.

Blue and dew

popsicle manicure (13)

Photo source: gsh/XHS

Flaunt pop-up details in an elegant nail style with these blue dew manicure set, where cute blue and yellow art meets a sophisticated “blush nails” base.

Since “blush nails” effortlessly give soft-focused, graceful vibes, the base balances out how cheerful the “popsicle” design is. What does this manicure say about you? Cute but curiously classy.

Abstract art

popsicle manicure (2)

Photo source: 是陈胖胖啊。*/XHS

Chunky “popsicle” details make their debut with this cheerful nail set, which features a peppering of squiggly, round, and elongated shapes. The patchwork of colours, patterns, and shimmery and opaque finishes make this set a really fun one to wear.

Many trends in one

popsicle manicure (3)

Photo source: BIBI_nail_studio/XHS

Paying tribute to all the hottest trending nail styles this season, this manicure set features “popsicle” pop-up details alongside the popular “jelly” and “aura” nails. It’s a win-win-win situation.


popsicle manicure (4)

Photo source: 辣妹nail日志/XHS

By ditching clear and translucent finishes and featuring fully opaque colours, this “popsicle” manicure makes the nails look extra cheerful.

Just look at the bubblegum blend of deep pink and sky blue, or the crisp combination of orange and yellow in a checkered pattern.

The “colour-mania” manicure set is enough to lift our moods at a glance, and will easily put a cute twist on even the most ordinary outfits.

Sunset skies

popsicle manicure (10)

Photo source: qquirkynails/Instagram

These nails recall orange-streaked sunset skies, twilight horizons, and vast bluish-grey seas.

Paired with the clear pop-up swirls reminding us of ever-crashing ocean waters, this manicure paints an ethereal picture of summer right at our fingertips.

Princess pop-up

popsicle manicure (7)

Photo source: oops_小猴子/XHS

The dizzying number of sparkling accessories on this manicure set is enough to make our childhood princess dreams come true.

The manicure combines clunky gemstones with ‘90s charms like jelly hearts and flowers, making it the perfect set to put the cherry on top of a nostalgic Y2K outfit.

Melting monsters

popsicle manicure (5)

Photo source: 好运爆彭女士/XHS

Have little monsters accompany you throughout the day with this manicure set that features clear pop-up blobs against an assortment of base colours.

Emerald stones

popsicle manicure (9)

Photo source: EDGES/XHS

An elegant set to adorn your fingertips, this emerald-themed manicure blends raw stone textures with natural greens and browns.

As if the marble swirls aren’t enough, the 3D details make it look like you’re wearing precious stones right at the ends of your fingers.

Featured image credit: REPAIR赋源标准美学中心, oops_小猴子/Xiao Hong Shu

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