The newest nail trend is here, and we can’t get enough of pink jelly glaze nails!

Made famous by Hailey Bieber, this cute manicure is a bubblegum-pink twist on her signature glazed donut nails.

To get this style, you’ll need a delicate, milky pink color with a pearly finish to complete the charmingly feminine manicure.

Credits: @haileybieber/Instagram

Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday look, or a glamorous set of nails for a special event, we have suggestions to help you keep up with the current nail trends!

Simple Nails

Original Pink

Credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram

The original pink jelly glaze nails are a timeless choice, just like Hailey Bieber’s nail artist Zola Ganzorigt has shown!

The delicate shimmer of these nails brings a touch of elegance to the look that everyone’s obsessed with.

Pink Chrome

Looking for something different from the traditional pearly white shine? How about a pink chrome instead?

You’ll still enjoy that mesmerising iridescent glow, but with a captivating colour that will surely turn heads.

Pink French Tips

Credits: @cheriesnails_/Instagram

Highlight this beautiful pink base colour by incorporating additional pink accents!

While a traditional French tip is timeless, this delicate pink variation on the sophisticated manicure brings a fun burst of color.

Rhinestone Details

Credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram

Spruce up your nails with a touch of glamour using a delicate rhinestone decal!

These nails feature the classic milky pink base we adore, while the rhinestones bring a hint of shine and dimension without being too flashy.

Romantic Hearts

Credits: @heluviee/Instagram

These cute nails showcase charming red hearts, bringing a touch of romance to your manicure.

Opt for a vibrant red color to make a statement against the soft pink backdrop, for a captivating extra detail!

Subtle Details

Bejewelled Pink

Credits: @friskynails/Instagram

With small crystals and silver sparkles, these nails look like a starry sky. Your nails will shine in the light, adding a touch of sparkle!

Sparkly Tips

Credits: @peachinails/Instagram

Add some excitement to your French tips by using a dazzling silver polish and completing the look with a beautiful gem!

These nails are both classy and understated, making them a far cry from a dull and ordinary choice.

Cateye Hearts

Credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram

Cateye nail polish is absolutely mesmerising, and the latest heart nail trend is no different!

With the help of a safety clip, you can effortlessly create these stunning hearts using the magnetic shimmer of this incredible polish. Opt for a subtle pink shade to achieve a delicate and graceful appearance!

Shimmery Glaze

Credits: @vivianmariewong/Instagram

Shimmery nail polish on all of your nails is always a great choice for a fun and eye-catching manicure.

Don’t forget to add some decals, such as a rhinestone heart, to really make the look pop. Because let’s be honest, you can never have enough glitter!

Intricate Designs

Pretty Pearls

Credits: @tlnailsnspa341_corona/Instagram

Love the elegance of pearls? Try adding them to your nails for a chic and playful look.

Scatter them around at random, or create cute designs like hearts for a touch of whimsy!

Balletcore Perfection

Credits: @nailsby.tiff/Instagram

This beautiful collection showcases pearls and ribbon accents, ideal for embracing the latest balletcore trend!

Moreover, it includes hand-painted patterns that evoke delicate pointe shoes and intricately laced-up bodices, ensuring your nails radiate the same gracefulness as a poised ballerina.

Rosy Blush

Credits: @kawaiinailsnyc/Instagram

Enhancing the jelly nail trend with the popular blush nail technique, these nails offer a delicate pink manicure.

They’re adorned with 3D gel and silver stickers to give them an extra touch of sparkle, elevating the overall look!

3D Jelly

Credits: @gnal_yurim/Instagram

Embrace the adorable jelly aesthetic with these playful nails that are sure to make a fun statement!

These nails are adorned with hand-sculpted 3D details, including a cute peach and mochi-like spheres in sweet pink shades.

Delicate Coquette

Credits: @nailsby.tiff/Instagram

Are you a fan of the coquette aesthetic? If yes, these timeless light pink nails, adorned with silver and pearl details, are a must-try!

The set also includes 3D gel and pearly hearts, meticulously arranged for a delicate manicure.

Shades Of Pink

Credits: @phoebesummernails/Instagram

Looking for a unique manicure? Give these gorgeous nails a try!

The French tip designs feature various shades of pink for a special twist. Not to mention, they’re adorned with gold stars and pink rhinestones, creating a truly enchanting look.

Featured image credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram, @nailsby.tiff/Instagram.