We’re all well-acquainted with the ever-evolving world of Korean beauty, where new makeup trends never fail to set social media abuzz. From aegyo sal to the luscious jelly lips, Korean beauty standards are always scaling new heights.

The newest sensation in Korea? The ‘Overlip’ trend, and even K-pop idols are loving it!

If you’re worried about looking like you have exaggerated, unnatural lips, fear not. Despite the name, this lip look is surprisingly natural, giving you plump, fuller lips that perfectly complement any makeup style.

So, let’s dive into the ‘Overlip’ trend and learn how to rock this look!

What’s the ‘Overlip’ Trend All About?


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Don’t be put off by the name; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. It involves using a specially designed rounded lip pencil, similar to a crayon but larger than a regular lip liner.

Rather than sharply outlining your lips, this technique focuses on softening the lip line. The result is a natural and plump appearance, giving your lips a more defined look!

How to Achieve the ‘Overlip’ Look:

We’ll walk you through the steps based on a tutorial by Korean TikTok creator, @jooshica, so you can master this stunning lip illusion for yourself!

Step 1: Blurring and Overlining The Lips

Start with a lip crayon and overline your upper lip curve and cupid’s bow. Then, blend it with your fingers to soften the outline.


Next, use the lip crayon to extend the outer edges of your lips and blend to eliminate harsh lines.


Finally, overline the centre of your lower lip.


Products used in the tutorial:

  • Haus Labs Le Monster Lip Crayon (Mauve Matte) retails for S$35 (~RM120.56 ) at Haus Labs online.

Step 2: Creating A Gradient Lip For A Seamless Finish

With a darker shade of your lip crayon, focus the product in the centre of your lips by drawing a straight line for both the upper and lower lips.


Blend and buff out the product to add depth and achieve a more natural look for your overlined lips.


Products used in the tutorial:

  • Haus Labs Le Monster Lip Crayon (Mahogany Matte) retails for ~RM120.56 at Haus Labs online.

Step 3: Contouring The Lips and Adding The Finishing Touches

Contouring the lips adds depth and shadows, making your lips appear plumper and fuller. Apply a touch of contour shade on the cupid’s bow and the lower part of your lip.


Your lips are ready to shine on their own, but for a juicy look, add a touch of lip gloss!


When applying gloss, make sure not to overdo it; apply it to the centre of your lips.


Products used in the tutorial:

  • Etude Contour Powder (#Inventor 02) retails for RM61.22 at Shopee. Discounts are available at the time of writing. Tap into the links to see latest prices.
  • Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Oil (Primary) retails for S$39 (~RM134.34) at Haus Labs online.

And there you have it! This technique enhances your lips, making them appear fuller, yet it looks natural at the same time.


So, are you ready to try out this captivating lip look?

Featured image credits: @jooshica/TikTok, @for_everyoung10/Instagram, @jenaissante/Instagram.