November is here so it’s time to start the countdown to Christmas and the end of 2022. With the end-of-year holidays drawing near, there’ll probably be a slew of festive parties you need to attend.

We have found the perfect lipstick that will look great for any party; it reminds us of a comforting cup of “milk coffee” that goes well with the holiday season vibes.

The lippie we’re referring to is the MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick in #883 Spice World – Midtown Brown. 

This creamy lipstick takes on a light brown hue that will dress your lips in the perfect nude to fit the cosy energy of the festive season.

Looking at these pictures, we’re sure you can already imagine gliding this lipstick’s creamy formula onto your lips. MAC has formulated it give you a moisture-matte finish so it doesn’t dry matte completely, but instead, delivers a velvet and silky finish.

This texture gives your lips a supple and plump appearance, which reminds us of a satisfying cup of milk coffee.

Plus, this lipstick has a formula that will last for at least 12 hours to give you a lip look that won’t bleed, feather, or flake. No more re-application worries during all your dinner parties.

Another bonus to this lippie would be the slender form it takes on. If you’re one of those mini bag girlies, the MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick is slim enough to slide into your purses or mini bags, for sure. So, they’re handy and perfect for party-hopping.

The MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick retails for RM120, available at MAC stores, counters, and Sephora.