Glossy lips are a huge lip trend and you can now flaunt high-shine on your nails too because it’s super trendy. Scroll on to learn more about this nail trend and see the inspirations we have curated that you can show your manicurist at your next salon visit.

What are “lip gloss” nails?

In terms of colours, “lip gloss” nails are rather understated; they’re usually in nude shades or pastel shades. But the subtlety is jazzed up with the addition of chrome powder to give a holographic effect, which gives the nails a shiny look – as if you’ve applied lip gloss on it.

“Lip gloss” nail inspirations

“Lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @外面下雨了耶/XiaoHongShu

Pretty much the “OG” look for “lip gloss” nails, this features a nude base that looks pearly.

To create the same kind of shine, use a pink or purple chrome powder and remember to top it off with a heap of top coat for additional shine.

Aurora Borealis “lip gloss nails”

Photo source: @幽幽的手指甲有点空/XiaoHongShu

We can’t take our eyes off the candy-like appearance of this manicure. With the blue, pink, and yellow, holographic effect it features, we’re reminded of the gorgeous hues that aurora borealis has.

The generous amount of top coat that was layered on top of the nails is another highlight we can’t miss with this nail look.

“Lip gloss” nails with glitter

Photo source: @奕妃美甲/XiaoHongShu

Want to add more sparkle to this already eye-catching look? Apply glitter polish as an accent so it’ll really stand out.

To make the entire look more cohesive, you can opt for a glitter polish that features the same hues as your chrome powder.

Subtle ombre “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @玛格啊/XiaoHongShu

Its “lip gloss” effects sets this ombre nail look apart from the usual ones you’ve probably seen before.

We love how the shine brings out the seamless transition of the ombre effect that will make you do a double take.

Blush “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @查理叔叔CharlieUncle/XiaoHongShu

You’ve probably heard about the trendy “blush nails” and perhaps even worn them before. Combine the look with the lip gloss nails trend and you’ll achieve a set of pretty nails that you’ll spend lots of time staring at.

Chrome “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @O.H. NAILS 定制穿戴甲/XiaoHongShu

For a more edgy look, consider adding chrome design around the nail like the inspiration above. This creates an interesting juxtaposition that turns the look from cute to cool.

Butterfly “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @捏个宇宙小富婆/XiaoHongShu

Popular K-drama Nevertheless made the butterfly motif chic again and this is a beautiful design we’d love to get on board with.

The blue holographic effect from this look reminds us of the gorgeous sheen the wings of butterflies often come with.

Mother of pearl “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @大烧烤/XiaoHongShu

Pairing a milky nude base with a white pearl chrome powder makes for a manicure look that reminds us of the exquisite pearls we find in oysters. We find that this look works especially well when your nail is shaped to round or oval.

Featured image credit: @幽幽的手指甲有点空/XiaoHongShu and @捏个宇宙小富婆/XiaoHongShu