Do you often struggle with finding a lip balm to keep your lips well moisturised? If that’s the case, here’s a product we found that’s a game-changer.

We’re talking about a lip balm that’s not just a beauty saviour but also a stylish accessory that you’d want to wear all the time.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Explore the lip balm bracelet – a skincare essential and style rolled into one!

Get balmy with this lip balm bracelet


We are often asked if the Lip Balms made from natural ingredients. The answer is Yes! We pride ourselves on using only the best quality all natural ingredients in our lip balms. We took careful consideration when creating our lip balm recipe to ensure the lip balms held their beautiful moisturising qualities while be able to withstand melting temperatures without using any preservatives. #natural #naturalproducts #naturalbeauty #lipbalm #lipbalmaddict #lipbalmbracelet #smallbusinessaustralia #beach #jewelleryshoot #beeswax #beeswaxwraps #cocoabutter #oliveoil #goodenoughtoeat

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Tam, a busy mom who’s all about embracing life’s beautiful moments, made a bold change when she left her sailing life as a yacht stewardess.

However, she had a little quirk – reaching for her lip balm on those dry days that required extra lip moisture and always thought it as a chore instead of something essential.

Life is constantly on the move for Tam, and she needed a solution. So, she came up with something special – Balmy, an aesthetically beautiful lip balm bracelet that helps keep her lips well-moisturised anytime, anywhere.

Self-care X fashion

These Australian-made lip balms come in a stylish bracelet, and here’s the eco-friendly twist – they’re refillable.

Balmy is all about making your beauty routine easier while being kind to the planet, with recyclable packaging and biodegradable shipping bags.

Combining fashion and functionality, this lip balm bracelet is definitely a one-of-a-kind product designed to solve a common problem, dry lips! It isn’t just a practical accessory, but also a fun way to keep your lips moisturised with a lip balm that’s always within reach.

If your fashion game is on-point, consider this your secret style weapon!

Mother of Pearl Lip Balm Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

lip balm bracelet

Source: @getbalmy

Crafted with care, these hand-poured lip balms contain a nourishing blend of olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. They also come in several delightful variants:

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Natural
  • SPF15 Sun Balm
  • Fairy Floss/ Cotton Candy
  • Nude
  • Rebel Red
  • Passion Plum

You can also get their refillable lip balm pack for RM52, which includes four balms with two variations to choose from.

The Mother of Pearl Lip Balm Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold is available for pre-orders at RM205 from balmy