Do you like wearing false eyelashes but think they’re a little too much or tired of the overly dramatic look and prefer something  more natural but still fabulous?

You are not alone in your thoughts. Full falsies apparently out of style, according to the Internet, and half lashes are totally in.

Half Lashes itsfemmebeauty on Instagram

Photo source: @itsfemmebeauty on Instagram

This new way to wear lashes is gaining popularity across social media. But why would you want to cut a good pair of false eyelashes?

The goal is to achieve a more natural-looking but still fluttery cat eye look. It gives your eyes an effortless, cute vibe with no need for eye makeup if you don’t feel like it.


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What’s great about this new lash trend is that it’s much easier to apply than a full lash, so even those who are new to falsies can give it a shot.

Furthermore, if wearing false eyelashes causes irritation in your eyes, this new method of application will allow you to avoid the irritation.

How to cut your falsies in half

Half Lashes ardellbeauty on Instagram

Photo source: @ardellbeauty on Instagram

If you’re completely new to trimming your falsies, we’ll walk you through the process.

Begin by putting on a pair of false eyelashes to test this out. If you don’t want to risk it, you don’t even need a new pair of falsies to do this.

However, if you want to look as natural as possible, opt for wispy lashes rather than thicker and fuller ones.

Half Lashes How to Cut Them make up nergz on Youtube

Photo source: make up nergz on Youtube

Bring the eyelash up to your eye and take a measurement. Measure half, starting from the inner part of the lash.

Then, fold it down quickly to ensure you know where to snip, before bringing the scissors in and cutting it in half from where you measured it.

You should keep the inner side of the eyelash and discard the outer. Finally, repeat the process with the other false eyelash and apply your new half lashes.

Half Lashes How to Cut Them Result make up nergz on Youtube

Photo source: make up nergz on Youtube

To achieve that lifted, cat-eye look, make sure the front of the eyelash completely adheres to your lash line. Following that, instead of following your natural lash line, simply apply it straight to achieve that cat-eye wing.

You can also use tweezers to pull your lashes closer to your lash line, but don’t worry if there is a small gap; this style will still accentuate the eye.

Featured image credit: eyeboo_cosmetics & kennwit