Think the beauty community can’t get any more creative? Think again! Temporary tattoos aren’t just for your skin anymore — now, they’re featured on hair for a fresh and fun look!

This trend has taken over TikTok, with beauty creators showcasing unique prints that turn heads. Here’s the lowdown on this trend and how you can try it yourself!

What’s The Buzz About This Trend?


the creativity on TikTok NEVER stops amazing me!! when @Linda Ha applied black and white temporary tattoos on a blond wig i knew i had to try it!!! #hairhacks #temporarytattoo #hairtrends

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We’re all familiar with decal temporary tattoos used to embellish various body parts, including the face and around the eyes. But in this trend, the tattoo is transferred to your hair. It’s a similar idea, just a different canvas!

Typically composed of layers, these tattoos adhere to the skin, featuring backing paper, silicone release coating, transfer film, ink, and adhesive.

How To Apply Temporary Tattoos On Your Hair?

We’ve made it easy for you to achieve this look by breaking down the steps from @elevatehair’s video tutorial:

Step 1: Section the hair where you want the print and place a piece of cardboard beneath for support.


Step 2: Place the temporary tattoo sheet with the print facing down on your hair and secure it with clips.


Step 3: Dab a wet sponge over the sheet until the entire print is covered with water.


Step 4: Slowly remove the paper, section by section, to reveal the print on your hair.


Ta-da! Your hair just got a fabulous print upgrade!


How To Style Hair With Temporary Tattoos?

This trend is super creative and an easy way to amp up your look! Choose any design you like—whether it’s for a night out, a bold statement, or a special occasion.


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For best results, the tattoos show up better on straight, lighter-coloured hair.


Temporary Tattoos ON HAIR ??? #hairstyle #tutorial #wig #fallseason #hairtutorial

♬ Otra Vez – ProdMarvin

If your hair is darker, go for a vibrant print or a white design!

The ink lasts up to a week with proper care, so you can rock the look all day – just avoid too much touching or moving around.

So, are you up for giving it a shot?

Featured image credits: @victoriasharp_/TikTok, @ynaleone/TikTok, @elevatehair/TikTok.