For most people with grey hair, tending to grey roots by covering it up with hair dye is probably a regular beauty routine to go for. And if you have been hating the hassle, you’re likely to rejoice at this great news: grey hair is the latest hair trend dominating our social media feeds.

Called “grey-blending” this is all the rage in 2021 and the trend really began in 2020, where grey hair without touch-ups become quite the norm during lockdown. Out of necessity, hairstylists around the world look for ways to help their clients embrace their grey roots while turning it into a chic style. This was how grey-blending was born.

Celebrity hair colourist from California, Jack Martin, is fast becoming an “It” figure on social media platforms because of his expertise in grey-blending techniques. You can check out his Instagram account for some ideas.

The hair maestro developed the technique to help his clients gradually ditch the dye and manage their grey hair so it looks fabulous.

What is grey-blending?

Grey-blending is all about mixing in pieces of strategically positioned highlights and balayage. Using these colouring techniques, you can offset or accentuate your grey strands for a more natural, lower maintenance look that you can feel comfortable in even if you can’t find the time to head down to the salon.

Just like the OG balayage technique, grey blending is designed to create light and shade throughout your mane. Sections of highlights are blended beautifully with other strands to break up blocks of colour and give your crowning glory a multi-dimensional look.

The difference here is that the tones of the highlights are deliberately chosen to blend away greys seamlessly so that they are put in the limelight – but in a chic way.


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For instance, ash grey and cool-toned blondes help camouflage grey hair into a tonal look that bounces light away from your natural grey hair so it looks deliberately stylish instead.


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Others can choose to use shots of silver and ice blonde to illuminate natural greys, celebrating them by drawing attention to them instead of concealing them.

Looking natural and playing with light – as with the rules of traditional balayage highlights – is key to the look. Highlights are usually subtly introduced around 3cm from the roots. This helps you get a low-maintenance but beautiful look that you can easily grow out without needing frequent salon visits.

Another cool look that those who are trying grey-blending are loving: adding face-framing strands for a contouring effect.


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And if you’re feeling bold, you can also choose to go full-on oyster grey to completely put your grey hair in the spotlight.


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Haircare tips for grey-blended hair

Keep in mind that you’ll need extra care when tending to your grey hair as it lacks pigment, making it more susceptible to UV damage. What this means is that UV-protective products will be your best friend when you sport grey hai.

Grey hair also tends to feel frizzier, rougher, and thinner at the ends so try to don’t forget to use smoothing products and techniques to help tame your tresses.

Finally, if you notice that your roots are looking a little flat, try using a thickening spray at the roots and volumising mousse at the mid-lengths and ends to thicken and smooth; you’ll find that you’ll gain more control of your locks while seeing more desirable shine.