Velvety-smooth gloss, bold matte, and iridescently metallic nail polishes – we’ve tried it all when it comes to beautifully manicured nails. However, there’s another (normally less chosen) polish style that’s been making especially big waves on social media, and it’s “jelly” nails.

“Jelly” nails are characterised by their sheer, translucent hues that make them appear candy- or jelly-like, and they give a more subtle nod to style than a vivid, solid nail design. “Grape jelly” nails, in particular, are the chosen manicure of the season – they have an easy hint of purple, recall grape jellies, taro milk teas, waters at twilight, and they look good enough to eat.

If you’re hoping to take a break from eye-catching, colour-poppin’ Y2K beauty trends, then you’re just in time to don “grape jelly” nails – the milky, almost clear purple manicures that’ll elevate your style, oh-so-effortlessly!

“Grape jelly” nail inspiration

Deep purple “grape jelly” nails

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Plain grape jelly nails already play a different ball game compared to a regular gel manicure. The translucent washes of purple on the nails lend to a style that’s sophisticated and elegant – a “clean girl” nail look to match your makeup if you will.

Light purple “grape jelly” nails

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Just like a typical gel manicure, “grape jelly” nails look tantalising in different shades of purple too. Lighter coats of purple give an even more subtle and graceful style – we’re thinking minimalist jewellery and less-is-more makeup to go with.

“Grape jelly” nails with a touch of glitter

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Clear glitter nails are well in theme with a translucent purple manicure, since they’re both so sheer and boast a glossy finish. You’ll be mixing things up with a little bit of sparkle, so your nails will look especially perfect for a glitzy evening filled with sparkling cocktails and lots of champagne.

Floral “grape jelly” nails

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Flowers simply take on a different vibe when paired with “grape jelly” nails; instead of cheerful and summery, your manicured nails will whisper gentle and refined.

“Grape jelly” nails with jewellery

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Your “grape jelly” nails could do with a little accessorising. Balance the subtleness of the sheer purples with more glamourous nail jewellery to really make your nails pop. Pearls are in this season, so you’ll be donning the best of a throwback ‘90s trend on your fingers too.

“Grape jelly” constellation nails

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This nail style introduces magical constellation designs to elevate your “grape jelly” nail look from beautiful to extraterrestrial. The combination of glossy purples, twinkling stars, and sparkling glitter flakes, just looks absolutely stunning.

Blue and purple “grape jelly” nails

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Bring other colours like light blue into the mix, for an enchanting manicure style. With an additional colour, you’ll even get to play around with textured designs, like a twilight-reminiscent marble manicure. Shake things up even more by wearing regular glossy gel polish on some nails, and sheer “jelly” polish on others.

“Grape jelly” jam nails

purple jelly nails -

Sheer purple nails look all the more appetising when designed with wobbly swirls that make them look like they’ve been coated in a grape jelly jam – we mean it in the best way possible.

Iridescent “grape jelly” nails

purple jelly nails -

Let your manicure sparkle three different ways: “grape jelly” purple paired with a hand-painted star and glitter, clear pearly purple glitter nails, and foiled “jelly” nails.

Ombré “grape jelly” nails

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The blending of one pastel hue into another appears all the more seamless with see-through “jelly” nails. The light, translucent purple and pink shades ease into one another, like dusty dawn.

“Grape jelly” in summertime nails

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If you’re into more cheerful colours, then take your cue from the “grape jelly” nails in this manicure that uses a brighter shade of purple. The “grape jelly” nails are also less sheer, taking on a more solid hue that lends the manicure a vibrant style.

“Grape jelly” long nails

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A “grape jelly” manicure already boasts elevated elegance – what more when paired with slim nail extensions? The nail extensions will add length to your fingers, and French tip design also gives an illusion of length. You’ll strut an ultimately sophisticated style.

How to paint “grape jelly” nails

If you’re going for plain “grape jelly” nails, there’s a way that you can whip up your own purple, sheer polish right at home.


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TikTokers are creating their “grape jelly” nails by mixing one clear polish with a solid purple one – it’s up to you to choose a shade you love. Adding more clear polish will give your manicure a more glossy, jelly-like sheen, whereas putting more opaque purple polish will lend your digits a more vibrant hue.

Otherwise, you can also buy “grape jelly” nail polish – ones that are already soft and sheer, so you can get your manicure started right away.

Best “grape jelly” nail polishes

Canmake Foundation Colours in Sheer Lilac and Lavender Pink

purple jelly nails -

Canmake’s Foundation Colours nail polishes give semi-sheer as opposed to high-octane colour, so the purple glides onto your nails in a dreamy, jelly-like style. The brand’s nail polishes are also moisturising, and can even double as a base coat to preserve and build the colour of your manicure.

You can find the “jelly” nail polishes in Sheer Lilac and Lavendar Pink!

Canmake Purple Foundation Colours retails for RM42.84 on Yesstyle.

Chantilly Ducato Natural Nail Color in Dusky Move

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Chantilly’s Ducato nail polishes are made to give an easy, effortless finish. Their sheer and milky colours create an enchanting, fairy-tale effect on your digits, especially in the light purple shade, Dusky Move (135).

You can apply one or two layers to maintain a translucent “grape jelly” style, or coat your nails with three or four layers for an opaque manicure.

Chantilly Ducato Natural Nail Color in Dusky Move retails for RM59.88 on Yesstyle.

Dear Laura Pa Nail Color in Berry and Purple

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Dear Laura’s Pa Nail Colour comes in a plethora of shades, including rich grape Berry, and light pastel Purple tones. Sweep on one coat of polish for a “grape jelly”, sheer finish, or two coats for more intense, opaque purple hues.

Dear Laura Pa Nail Color in Berry retails for RM49.17, and Purple retails for RM56.47 on Yesstyle.

Gaoy Jelly Series Nail Polish Gel

purple jelly nails - (21)

Another collection of long-lasting gel polishes, Gaoy Jelly Series Nail Polish Gels come in an extensive range of shades, including E-812, a rich grape hue.

The polishes are really light and sheer, so you’ll be able to wear a “grape jelly” manicure easily.

Gaoy Jelly Series Nail Polish Gel retails for RM22 on Shopee.