First posted by nail artist Park Eun-Kyung, who is also K-pop group BLACKPINK’s manicurist, on her Instagram, “glass nails” gained attention on social media quickly and before you know it, this look – along with its variations – started going viral.

Photo source: @nail_unistella/Instagram

While the original glass nails look may be a little too avante garde for most of us to carry off, we’ve found variations of it that are a lot more wearable. Here are the ones we love that you can draw inspiration from.

Inspiration for “glass” nails

Classic “glass” nails

Photo source: @星桃小姐/Xiao Hong Shu

Though these are the classic version of “glass” nails, you can easily make a statement with this classic look. Dress your nails in the iridescent foils and seal it in with a layer of clear gel polish. A simple shimmer like this is more than enough to make your nails stand out from the rest.

Mirror, mirror on the wall “glass nails”

Photo source: @Coco nail/Xiao Hong Shu

All it takes is a simple strip of gold to make your “glass nails” look like the magic mirrors we see in our childhood fairytales. Dress it up further with embellishments like tiny pearls or other stones to add a touch of luxury to the look.

Cinderella’s glass slipper “glass nails”

Photo source: @爱涂美甲的小yang~/Xiao Hong Shu

This nail look looks best on long nails so that there’s sufficient space to show off the design. Besides iridescent foil, this look also requires a good glitter polish and charms if you’d like to make the design more complex.

“Glass nails” blush nails

Photo source: @猫儿不吃草/Xiao Hong Shu

If you love the “blush nails” trend and want to combine it with the glass nails look, this is probably the design to consider.

Disco ball “glass nails”

Photo source: @慧珍の美甲自学教程/Xiao Hong Shu

For a design that’s fun, more dramatic, and perhaps a little retro, this is playful look to try.

Opal “glass nails”

Photo source: @空尼几哇./Xiao Hong Shu

To achieve the appearance of an opal, combine light blue and white and blend it into a seamless ombre. Then, apply foil to complete the glass effect.

We hope you’re inspired enough to try this nail look out for yourself. If you don’t have any materials with you on-hand, fret not! Here are two options you can add-to-cart.

Products for “glass nails” Ice Aurora Nail Foil

This roll of iridescent foil is perfect for all the nail looks we have shared with you just now. Whether you want to cut them up into strips for the disco ball “glass nails” or just into irregular shapes for the rest of the looks, this product is easy to handle since it comes in a roll.

There are many types of iridescent finishes to pick from. We recommend options Colour2, Colour4, and Colour5 which all have a blue hue and hints of pink to them to them for the perfect “glass” effect.

MAMA NAIL 1 Roll Glass Sticker Transfer Foil retails for RM2.26, available at Shopee. Nail Foils Aurora Nail Art

If you’re looking for a foil with more transparency, this one is perfect for you. This roll of iridescent foil is easy to cut into strips or irregular shapes depending on your preferred look.

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