Ever wanted super flawless, blemish-free legs but just can’t help picking at itchy spots on your legs (particularly from mosquito bites)? We know exactly how you feel.

Now you can feel less self-conscious about those annoying scars because these stockings will give you the illusion of flawless legs.

Flawless Legs Stockings Social Media Images

These flesh-coloured stockings have been going viral all over Chinese social media.


Netizens have been pictured wearing these flesh-coloured leggings and taking countless selfies with them, showing off their gorgeous legs.


Some girls also take videos to reveal the magic trick behind their perfect legs – by giving their legs a light pull, revealing a stretchy, flesh-coloured stocking instead.

While these stockings are trending in China, we’ve managed to find a vendor that ships them to Malaysia.

Flawless Legs Stockings Different Thickness

These flesh-coloured stockings come in different thickness, suitable for varying temperatures.

Whether you’re stuck outside on a hot and humid day or have to spend all day in a freezing office environment, you can still have fabulous legs.

Excited to try these out? Already have an outfit in mind to use these with? We know we’re going to wear them here at the office!

The flawless flesh-coloured leggings are available on Shopee. Prices start from RM14.02. Click on the link to see the exact price of your preferred variant.